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Xbox 360 Bus



Yay!! I have access to the Xbox 360 Bus when it rolls round to Napier in March.

On March the 8th, I'm going to cruise up to Napier in my 1980 Honda Civic hatch, weariong Aviators with my game face on. I shall be playing a game of hopefully PGR3 on the Xbox 360 on a high definition Samsung television in a big ass mother of a bus.
I will also meet some bird...

Checkout http://www.xbox360roadtrip.co.nz/ to register.
Yeah on the Edge website it was inviting people to get on the 360 bus.

Yeah I know....what am i doing listening to the Edge lol!

360 or ps3? Still undecided for me :huh:
i would go, but it is in wellington the same weekend as the cricket test,

cricket more important than some game console

Originally posted by loratadine@Feb 15 2006, 05:59 AM
the bird is joanna dark whos off the game perfect dark.
Yeah, but she's just some tramp they picked off Karangahape road and offered all the P she could carry to dress up and act geeky.
You mean to dress up and act like she likes geeks.

Are you getting a 360 kaftka?
Originally posted by CeeJay@Feb 15 2006, 02:13 PM
You mean to dress up and act like she likes geeks.

Are you getting a 360 kaftka?
Yeah. That's what I meant.

And I probably will get a 360. A main reason is the free Xbox Live Silver membership along with the fact that they will occasionally have free gold membership trial weekends...

Also, Sony are dicking around with their system, I really can't be f***ed waiting around. If PS3 is better, I will end up getting that as well at some point. But the 360 seems to suit my needs at the moment.

Can't wait for Saints Row...
Well, at this rate you can buy a 360 then save for a year or two before the ps3 even gets here. Isnt broaband in NZ too slow too handle online game of 360 quality without serious lag?

let me know how the 360 goes mate, and get a go at fight night

there's new ps3 news out

some dude reckons the design is finalised

but the engine still in final stages

thus late 2006 japan/usa
mid 2007 for down under

plenty of time to save up, even if i buy the xbox360
ceejay, they are amping up the speeds for internet in new zealand by april

hopefully that will help

i hope it does
Yeah i heard that, so hopefully, but apparently it will still be way less than the rest of the develpoed world.
cricky thats a bit

i drool when people tell me they have 4mbps

and i only have 512 o_O not that i am complaining
A freind told me more than 10 mbps they have in aus...and apparently that still isn't the fastest!

Didn't you hear when Paul Holmes was drilling the Xtra guy about why our broadband was so slow and the pathetic excuses the guy was offering. It is a conspiracy!

Well if the ps3 is gonna take that long to come I think I will buy a 360 when it comes out! Then it is Xbox live!!!!!
yea i feelin u gay guy (as in ur comments not ur ass).. i've been a playstation guy for yonkas now and i never thought i'd ever get an xbox, but waiting a year to try out next gen gaming is just not on!!!
i pre ordered my xbox360 last week, can't wait to get my hands on it. that saints row game looks phat, and the first next gen ***le i'll be playing is fight night and i might get madden and N4Spd:MW as well.
but i'm probably goin to end up getting a ps3 too when that comes out depending on what exclusive games they will have.
the USA have vdsl and that **** is fast! like 50 down and 10 up or something like that. but the true adsl should be 8 down and 2 up or something like that, thats as fast as the current xtra modems can handle anyway.
Right. I've just played Xbox260. f***n it's cool.

The games I played on the bus:
Fight Night Round 3

That's it.

FN3: Best looking thing I've seen. The gameplay videos look f***ing sweet, but they really don't do it justice.

This game is all about the graphics really. Gameplay is of course very similar to the previous ***les, which can't be a bad thing. The detail in the boxers though is superb.
You can feel every punch.
As there is no HUD (optional), there are neat little things to show how well you are doing in terms of health/stamina.
If you misstime too many punches etc., you can actually see your man start to wear himself down. His shoulders seem to droop, and he just looks exhausted.
When you get hit by a stunner (happened once or twice ;)), the edges of the screen fade to black very slightly, showing that you need to ease up and take care...
The control seemed a little different... I eventually figured it out though.
What happens is that you push up on the analog stick to move across the screen towards the opponent, down to move away, and left or right to move sidewards. At first I though the controls were just buggy. Was a little peeved. Sweet as.

DOA, I didn't get any real time with it... But it felt exactly the same as DOA2 imo... Meh. Great detail in the environments, but characters didn't look as great as I was hoping. Very smooth though. Menu is exactly the same as DOA Ultimate.

The controller isn't as perfect as I though it would be. It feels smaller than the Controller S, and is very very comfortable, with every button in very nice places... However, the thumbsticks feel too spongy for my liking, and the D-pad is less solid feeling.
Also, the new shoulder buttons feel very clicky, but just don't feel "right".

All of this of course, will be very easy o get used to.

One thing though, while the graphics are great in the games, I have some concerns. With Fight Night, the gameplay felt a little less respnsive than the previous ***les. In Rd 2, when you blocked, it was very quick. Of course, the animation looked like it was skipping a few frames, and just jumping to position, but it was very responsive. In Rd. 3, those missing frames are there, and theres now a more realistic animation for the blocking. It feels a little slower. This isn't bad, as it feels realistic, and actually quite good.

That was just an example though... But as a whole, the game feels a little less responsive. My concern is, that with this new generation, the whole thing will be about the graphics. Everything will have smooth 60fps animations, and at the gameplays expense.

On my drive home (oh yeah, I stopped off in Harvey Norman and played PGR3. Great game. 'Nuff said), I said to myself amidst my buzzing out "I don't need to fork out shitloads of money for this. I have my Xbox. I have my V8 Race Driver 3 (now), I can get this later. First I shall save up for a car, and upgrade my drums etc."
I said "By god, you're right!!. Thanks sexy, mysterious stranger!".

In all it was a good day.