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Right newb when it comes to 360, so all the people who own one what games do you recommend, what are your favourites...

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
oblivion is definately #1
ghost recon is a solid game too, fight night is crap, madden 07 is basically what you'd expect from a madden game, tabletennis is surprisingly fun especially with two players
that zero dark or whatever it was called is so crap it's probably the worst of the games i've played traded it in for oblivion, saint's row is fun at first but then you start to realise how crap it is compared to GTA so i traded that for madden. need for speed is pretty cool.. ummmm.. full auto was crap, traded that in pretty quick. project gotham is cool too but not really into driving simulators
Ghost Recon
Saints Row

Fifa is pretty good but you already have PES so...

Gears of War,Call of Duty 3 and Rainbow six are the next big ones coming out.... i would save my cash for one of these, especially GOW

You should hire out Fifa just to watch Crouchie do his robot celebration... it's superb :cheers:
did you like saint's row? i liked it at first but got sick of it when i started missing all the things GTA had. did u like the ending? i didn't like how the city wasn't very populated, not many cars driving around, no motorbikes, no bicycles, no talking from our character!!! i hated it how our character never talks, i thnk he talks like twice.
I stopped playing it weeks ago, i'm only about 35% complete so i haven't seen the ending

I'm hopeing that after a few months break i'll find it interesting again
* Table Tennis - £14.99 on Play.com
* Oblivion (I got the Pc version though) £29.99 on Play
* Call Of Duty 2 - £39.99 on play * I would wait cos COD3 is out on 10/11/06
* Need 4 Speed MW - £26.99 on Play
* Project Gotham Racing 3 - £39.99 on play

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