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Xbox Trouble - Winning Ball and Calling Moves




I'm having trouble getting my teams to win the ball at the breakdown. Is there anyway to steal the ball at the break down or do you just have to bind on and hope for the best.

I'm also struggling to get my teams to respond to set moves. Do I just have to press the analouge direction pad to call a move or am I missing something?


To win ball you need to bind players, or keep the ball close to the pack when running, if you spread it wide and get tackled you are more likely to be turned. Use your momnetum meter, build it up with forward crashes and then have a crack out wide, the higher your momentem the higher your chance of retaining possession.

Choose set plays with the directional pad not the stick. Also your flyhalf must be set and in positiion for one to be availabe, so if theres no icon above the halfbacks head do a forward crash and try again.

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