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With Fifa 08 and Halo 3 out now, why not all join each others friends lists and organise comps.

Any other people with a 360, post their gamertag in this thread and I'll add it to the list.

Forum user names are in normal font. Xbox Live GamerTags are in BOLD

Locksley - Mr Miyagis Tash

Getofmeland - Getofmeland

Teh Mite - TehMite

Master Pain - My Own Enemy

Stizz - ScubaStizz

Ghettodan - cookilanz

OTSAA - Jimmiebergs

187 - Fredliki

blwalt17 - blwalt17

Cymro - Cymro25

Fred187 - The Dr Fly

ak47 - Kulch

Bull - Hennie ZA

Zonerunner - Zonerunner

Darhf - Darhf

The Dell - tomski182

SaRcOn - sarcon007


wairarapa_cullen - SheriffCraven

dobrien7 - dobrien79

Tin Head - justin0791

Kage - DerroBoy

Rhinos Flanker - rhinos flanker

Goth Power - Saint N Sinner

kenneth.macleod - Kenneth Macleod

Enguelaz - EnGuy

jonese26 - jonese26

inakisuperyeah - lopezmejia

TheBokke - Coolcorn

DMac - DMac134


St Helens RLFC - Verminator 84

kinkon89 - peks89

Dale - bonesy84

kaftka - kaftka
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a tad more creative than feicarsinn i think you'll agree :p
its the weather guy from family guy who shouts everything so i assume it means that screw you is to be shouted
ahhhh excellent ...good call i always though it was larry .. :/

hearing fail for me
I'm a touch surprised with how much debate that comment prompted.
feicarsinn ...being the total idiot i am my grasp of our native tounge is pretty **** so im going to have a guess your name means look at them ?

if not thats my 2nd fail this thread

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