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Yeah, this is for real...



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Just watch it...
haha exact same reaction from me! Man that is "Passionate Fan" redefined. And all the swearing and cussing. Wow. It was so funny i ****** my pants. I'll bet she's some sort of dyke.
Man this is an ominous sign! I was watching the video 10 mins ago when the power suddenly went out. The whole house that is. Haha

But anyway, why is he/she hiding under a blanket?
From the stubble on the face i'd say it's a guy...a really camp guy.
But well done for getting your message out there, even if it was in a slightly melodramatic sort of way.


edit : Seriously that must be some sort of acting project.
<div class='quotemain'> I'll bet she's some sort of dyke. [/b]

I think hes a guy
reminds me of "Blades of Glory"
"Wait that's a guy...Oh man."

That was odd. Did you notice that there where no tears?? Just a big faker. I found it funny when it said, 'Leave her alone, she's not well at the moment' Britney's not the only one that's not well at the moment.
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<font size=1>Leave The Britney Fan Alone! - Watch more free videos</font>
DC. What the hell do you do during your spare time?!?!?! :D But that video was hilarious :cheers:
Im sure this guy has a price on his head or something. Check out the comments so many people want him to die or get his ass kicked.
Oh, good point!

There we were trying to distinguish what sex it was, when we haven't even verified what species it is yet!

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