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Yellow Cards, penalty try, stealing ball


jersey devil

Got a penalty try today!
Had lineout 5 meters out and took maul and started to drive.
McCaw collapse it and gave me a penalty try and got the bin.

Been working on stealing the ball using tap R3.
Works sometimes but penalized alot more. After a few you get the yellow card.
Trying to figure out when a good time to use it is.
One would think that would be in a ruck where you out number opposition on the ruck meter. Not sure that is the case though.

When you push R3 while isolated. I like the animation. The fling the ball away one.

According to the manual some players have better ball stealing ability.
I'll have to try using my flankers to work on the steal.

Anyone have any thoughts on this steal ball type of play.
i steal the ball quite a lot. i find u get away with it more if you knock someone back in the tackle and press r3 really quickly.
killing the ball doesn't have the same success rate
I tap(click on it).

I guess driving player back might be best way to steal using R3.
Probably prevent so many penalties also.

Just trying to figure out this area more because I feel it is main area of game.
Because there is not many areas where ball turnsover.
i try to time the R3 click at the exact moment both player hit the ground after the tackle.
works ok but i can't say that it works for sure.
still it's a good idea and a very usefull feature.
when exactly do you push R3 coz it doesnt work for me