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yet another hilarious matt dunning pic




pies anyone?
Well, he had one speedy run against Japan today, and he off-loaded. Not too shabby.
and he was <---> that close to chasing a grubber kick and being awarded a try...if only the ball hadn't initially been knocked on.
ah this is one of those rare moments where matt is not thinking about the last time he coudl see his dick.
Dunning is actually quite skillful. He played really well with ball in hand.

He wouldn't be picked on if he didn't have such a chubby face!
I just can't understand how that with all the conditioning done, he stays so magnificently fat.
What are those weird panels on the shoulders & chest of some of the Canterbury kits?
Well he is certainly never going to win a beauty comp!
But he does the job pretty well on the pitch!!
lol not many fatty's left in professional rugby anymore. Dunning and Adam Jones the last ones? Can't think of any more myself.
Well yes, there's the heaviest Quinnell yet on the way through. Gavin Quinnell I think, playing for a Guiness Premiership team, can't remember which one. 21 stone + if I'm not mistaken.
Yup thats the one. From what I understand he has the nack of scoring alot of tries, but isn't the best in other areas.
Yeah, I noticed that... He scored 3 or 4 against us this season, including the winner in the league at Franklins Gardens.

Yeh. Hope he carries on improving. Considering his size, which might even be heavier than the 21 stone I said, he seems to be quite athletic. He's only young, 21 or so if I remember right.

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