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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by NZL Fan, Jan 28, 2005.

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  4. Obviously an American talking about American soccer in that comment Woodie.

    The article:

    Let's face it, I know probably as much about rugby as I do Martha Stewart's latest living tips for prison. But the sport is loved throughout sections of the world for its ferocity and entertainment, and now EA Sports is coming back yet again with a new edition of a rugby game. This time around, the house that electronic sports built is including many new features, including a Rugby 101 tutorial mode to teach you the basics and plenty of new features to get you drawn in further to its fast play. Rugby 2005 looks to be an international hit. Ozzie, ozzie, ozzie! Oy, oy, oy!

    Believe it or not, sports aren't just limited to the likes of the NFL and the baseball association. Nor do they exist merely for the slap of a hockey puck or the slam dunk of a basketball. No, there are a few international sports out there that are catching on around the globe, growing in popularity. Take cricket, for example. Its popularity is still strewn across England. Then you have soccer, which is about to head into fever pitch with the upcoming World Cup tournament.

    Then you have rugby, an interesting sport in itself involving a ball, rules, and tactics that are similar in a sense to football, but offer a bit more excitement in play and less padding...and advertisement. I always wanted to get a little further into rugby, if just for the sake of finding a sport that isn't drowned in commercialism. Or worse yet, lockout.

    Fortunately, EA Sports appears to have the rugby field covered. Over the past couple of years, the company has been producing rugby games that have been getting a little better with each new edition, and Rugby 2005 appears to be no exception. This year's version appears to have plenty of new advantages stacked in its favor, as it looks to be more visceral than ever before and has a few bonuses that are bound to appeal to more players, even those who don't even know how rugby is played.

    The first thing you'll notice is the game's training mode, outlined as Rugby 101. Through a series of mini-games and pre-set training videos, the game will walk you through each basic of rugby, including all the rules you need to abide by to get a high score and become victorious. This will also be the place to work on your different skills, as the right analog stick will come into play for pulling off skillful fakes and offensive moves. The game then pits you into a Training Pitch to take advantage of these skills and make you familiar with everything before you get started. This new mode in itself is a great addition to the franchise.

    There's also a brand new creation mode that will come in handy in terms of getting you into the sport of rugby. That's because it will provide you the tools to literally put yourself into the game. You'll be able to customize players to your own liking, whether you want to put yourself in the game, build your best friend as your right hand man, or maybe even get froggy enough to jump in and make a player with your grandmother's likeliness. That'd be hilarious- some guy would tell you "Your grandmother could play better rugby than you!" and you'd point her out and say, "She already is!" Well, OK, maybe it'd only be hilarious to some. The customization options should be widely spread enough to let creative minds roam about.

    Rugby 2005 will continue the trend of capturing all the basics of the sport, from the intense play-calling to the on-field action, perfectly captured between the motion-capture sessions and the dynamic graphics. Rugby 2005 will undergo some changes to make the game look better than ever, including more stadium and player details. The crowd will also play an important part, as their excitement will build between their enthusiastic cheering and their team songs and crowd chants, like the "oy oy oy!" battle cry. Gotta love that. New camera angles and replay controls give you a great feel over the action as well.

    Rugby 2005 appears to be a big kick in the butt over the editions from the previous years, and we'll find out later this year if it's got the sack to stand up to the big boys. My money's betting on yes...but, then again, I am starved for some new sport action.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I'd love to hear the guy actually say that! It's so weird hearing americans say stuff like "mate" and "aussie" and all our other peculiar coloquialisms...
  6. I'm cringing at the entire thing. The guy can't write to save his life and his sense of humor (if it can be called that) is up there with a shovel in the face.

    "Hey guys, now, huh-huh, now I don't know jack about this rugby sport but, uh,"

    Perfect example of being forced to review something you shouldn't.
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    Rearrange into a 'constructive' criticism regarding this review. Did he get a review copy of the game? Sounds like a waste to me... so many potential happier homes on here!
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    What an informative piece of writing


    But seriously folks, no new info here. I don't think this seppo geezer has even played the game.
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    However it does confirm that there is pretty specific crowd chants in there...........(especially pleasing if you're Australian as well).......
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    I must have missed the bit about crowd chants. Why pleasing if I'm Australian?
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    Anyone else keen on putting their Gran in the game?

    Any takers?

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    This from advanced

    Rugby 2005

    Published By: bomberman-AG
    Publish Date: 21 Hours ago
    User Views: 797
    User Replies: 0

    For every rugby fan that has felt let down by the lack of support for rugby on the Xbox, their disappointment should be over when EA release Rugby 2005 onto Microsoft’s console this spring. The game promises to be the ultimate rugby experience and it’s set to make a bang when it releases because of many upgrades made since the last version of the game. EA’s work-in-progress is set to bring the game of rugby into your home, complete with the amazing hits, tackles, scrums and even teams’ own chants. The gameplay has been upgraded to bring the best rugby experience possible onto the Xbox.

    One of the biggest features in the game will be the training mode. Training will allow people to learn about the game of rugby and discover how to play it using various training modes. These tutorials will teach you the tactics, controls and even advanced controls that will help you get the try. This will aid new players in getting used to the game of rugby and playing it on the black box. You will be taught new tactics to use during gameplay such as tackling, avoiding bone shattering hits and calling plays on the fly. With all of these features, it’s going to be a lot like the real thing.

    Many people have their own favourite rugby teams already and it’s a relief that popular and world-renowned clubs will be included in the game such as the Wallabies and the All Blacks. You can even create your own players in the game with an in-depth player customisation mode. Tournaments are also user selectable, as you can create your own rugby tournaments to compete in with your favourite side.

    EA is banking on people buying the game because they like watching rugby, so they’ve included a broadcast style presentation to give the game an extra coolness to it, as well as giving you the opportunity to watch what is happening on the field from various different camera angles. There will also be the ubiquitous replays found in almost every sports game that allow you to witness every bone crunching tackle and wondrous try. Expect some A list commentary too.

    The game looks to be shaping up very well and graphically Rugby 2005 is keeping up. Crucially it looks like EA have gotten the gameplay aspects right and this might well be the sports game to get this year. Even if you have little knowledge of Rugby and its inner workings, by buying Rugby 2005 there’s the distinct possibility you’ll gain a greater understanding, and appreciation for it all. Disappointingly there is no online play scheduled, but hopefully this will be rectified when another sequel comes along.

    If EA can pull off what they’re striving to, and make Rugby 2005 a game that is easy to get to grips with and easy to play, this may well be a winner. We’ll have to wait for March to find out.

    Hype 9

    Overall 9
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    in the start of the review its like he's leaving the ps2

    xbox this xbox
  14. viperun

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    Well this is the first OFFICIAL rugby game ever to grace on XBOX. so i'm happy i can play the super 12...

    I hope there's a create a tournament so i can create a super 14 with the inclusions of the teams in Aus and South Africa..
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    any news [​IMG]
  16. kinkon89

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    if only we got along with the ppl who made rugby2005(EA) they mite stay on these boards for us to ask them questions.......we mite get an emmissary to go knock on their door to ask?
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    I think the yanky must be referring to chants in the game for quoting "ozzie ozzie ozzie oi oi oi"

    i hope thats in the game...its better than waltzing matilda

    these crowd chants sound mad

    i hope there's hostile chants:

    "U r a ******, clap clap clap"


    "I'd rather be a paki than a pom, clap, clap oh i rather be a paki than a pom, clap clap ....oh i'd rather be a paki, yeah i'd rather be paki, yes i'd rather be a paki then a pom" clap clap!!!!

    "who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies...........u fat, *******, u fat *******, u ate all the pies............and the sausage rolls, and the sausage rolls", while the crowd points to the Fat Rolly Yarpie, as he tries and takes out the ref
  18. kinkon89

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    or my favourite "the refs a ******!! clap clap clap clap clap clap" continued on for the whole game!
  19. Wally

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    That'd be just stupid.
  20. NZL Fan

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    It says this in the xbox review......

    "Tournaments are also user selectable, as you can create your own rugby tournaments to compete in with your favourite side".
  21. kinkon89

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    lmao.....sadly we still use it during school rugby matches..
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