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Your Best Sporting Moment of the Decade.

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It can be rugby, doesn't have to be though. Personal preference too, it could be you breaking 100 on the golf course for all I care.

Mine is the best though:

Sexton v Northampton, Chicago 2016 and Lowry's and Woods' major wins this year are up there too.
Even though I am not a Murray fan, I think it has to go to him for ending 77 years where a British male singles’s player not winning Wimbledon. Well done you miserable git.:p

I'm not a cricket fan by any stretch of the imagination but the World Cup final was insane.

Michael Bisping KOing Luke Rockhold on 2 weeks notice to win the Middleweight Championship is always going to hold a special place for me - Bisping the first British fighter to hold a UFC belt, he's also the reason I first got into MMA.

I think, overall, though - "Super Saturday" at the 2012 Olympics is the top moment(/day) for me. Ennis, Rutherford and Mo getting gold all in a 45min window was crazy - the atmosphere in the stadium was out of this world, even just through the TV.
Can we please have the entirety of the 2012 Olympics?

Because that was just epic, from the opening ceremony to the closing of the Paralympics

yeah why not. If sport is meant to provide distractions from real life, well that was one of the happiest memories pre-Brexit. Although let’s not forget how it has been tainted with the whole drugs scandal and Russia getting banned.
Eagles winning the super bowl and **** you if you think otherwise.
My personal winner is in cricket, England winning the Ashes away in Australia 2010-11, led by Ali Cook’s extraordinary quantity of runs

Aside from that:


Japan bearing South Africa, it was just such a wonderful Boys Own underdog moment that brought the whole rugby world (aviary from Saffas) together.

England smashing NZ at Twickenham, doubly special because I WAS THERE, MAN!!!

Fiji winning the 7s Olympic gold, highly emotionally.


2012 Olympics were excellent all round, especially super Saturday.

Danny Willet’s Masters win stands out for sheer unexpected value, combined with the drama of Spieth’s spectacular collapse.

Mickelson Vs Stenson’s epic battle was something else.

Sergio’s first major worth mentioning too.

Don’t follow football at all but Leicester winning the Prem was incredible, even I noticed.

Murray’s first major, stayed up to watch an epic final in the US open
3 stand out and in no particular order
Super saturday
Cricket world cup final

For a purely selfish financial reason Molinaris open
3 stand out and in no particular order
Super saturday
Cricket world cup final

For a purely selfish financial reason Molinaris open
Holy ****, cannot believe I forgot Medinah! That’s probably my number 1!
I'm going to stick non rugby, Blues winning the Stanley cup for the first time, I started supporting them at the start of the season, mate is a big hockey fan so thought it would be good to pick a team for the banter...went from dead last in January to winning....mate doesn't like the banter any more
Won’t mean anything to the non-Irish but Cluxton’s last minute free to win the All Ireland in 2011 is the standout for me. Almost means more than all the others put together.

From a rugby perspective, Sexton against Northampton and Sexton against France, and thrashing Ulster in 2012 for three in four was pretty special as well. Robbie Brady and Shame Long’s goals against Italy and Germany respectively were rare highlights for Irish football. Still Cluxton and Dublin for me though.
im going to add to mine, AFC Wimbledon making it back to the football league almost brought tear to the eye, COYDS!
So many to choose from.

I’ll go for Wiggins becoming the first British winner of the TdF in 2012. Monumental achievement in its own right spiced up by a couple of bouts of muscle flexing from his Sky team mate Froome suggesting that he was the stronger. Which he probably was and I do enjoy a bit of rivalry and spite.

Honourable mentions for Murray at Wimbledon and Bolt for virtually single handedly carrying his troubled sport.

Most things Russian and Serena Williams outburst at the 2018 US Open were particular lowlights.

Best event - London 2012 with an honourable mention to Japan for the RWC.

Worst event - This year’s world athletics championships in Doha which was all about the money. No crowds, no atmosphere, no soul, ridiculous temperatures. Dreadful decision to go there, the whole thing was an insult to the athletes - Dina Asher-Smith celebrated the best moment of her career with a lap of honour in front of one man who’d forgotten to bring his dog.
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2016/17 Semi final, Slade's kick puts Chiefs 5m out at theand go on to win 18 - 16. And go on to win the final vs Wasps.
There's a good few really. Mainly focusing on teams I support:

  • Saint Mary's College RFC winning the AIL in 2012
  • The second half of the 2011 Heineken Cup Final is probably the best moment in an amazing decade for Leinster
  • Ireland beating NZ in Chicago is probably the happiest I've ever been from a sporting event and I will never forget where I was
  • Dublin winning Sam in 2011 was probably the best of the seven they one that decade breaking the drought
  • Katie Taylor winning gold in 2012
  • Matthew Stafford's last play winning TD vs the Cowboys in 2013
  • Finally for personal reasons Ellie Mac winning at Leopardstown in 2017 at 150-1 https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/ra...0-1-christmas-shock-at-leopardstown-1.3338417
Going to add a few non rugby ones:

McIlroy winning the Open, the WGC Bridgestone and the PGA consecutively.

Sean Quigley pushing Cluxon into the net and being awarded a goal for what should have been a foul and possibly a yellow card in an All Ireland QF.

Medinah and this year's Solheim cup.

Jenson Button winning the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix, best race I've ever watched by far won by my favourite driver.

And as someone who doesn't really care about soccer but does like seeing Liverpool and Rangers do badly Gerrard's slip was fairly special and has only aged wonderfully!

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