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Your favourite song ever?


St Helens RLFC

Don't be generic and pick Bohemien Rhapsody unless it actually is. What is YOUR favourite song?

Mine is easy:

Bang! - Shooting Star
Hmm, difficult call really, way too many to pick just one.

Favourite "psych-up" song in the dressing room prior to kick-off: Rollin` by Limp Bizkit
Favourite get-drunk-to pub song- Mustang Sally by The Commitments
Other notable mentions: American Woman by Lenny Kravitz, Black Magic Woman by the master himself, Jimi Hendrix, Self-esteem by The Offspring, Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana, How you remind me by Nickelback, The sweetest thing by U2, the list is endless........
Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

Because it reminds me of the champions league win...
Its a hard choice but the only thing(s) I can think of at the minute must be...

Slipknot - eyeless
Lamb Of God - Redkneck
Avenged Sevenfold - Seize the Day
Hmmm of top of head Static-X - Sweat of the Bud or Pseudo Echo - Funky Town, can't decide...
Either I'll Stick Around by the Foo Fighters or All Along the Watchtower cover by Hendrix. Lounge Act by Nirvana and Black by Pearl Jam are also Kickarse songs.

Oh, and Amish Paradise by Wierd Al.
I have a few.......depending on the mood
Final Countdown
We Didnt Start the fire
Comfortably numb
Reckless - Aussie Crawl
US Forces - Oils
i really cant think of a favourite song. i like alot

depending on my mood

not going ot say cause i will get ridiculed and will lose all the rep that i have :)
stairway to heaven. its simply the perfect song. its got perfect guitars, perfect druming, a great mix of fast and slow, rythum and one of the greatest guitar solos
Never easy to pick one definitive favourite song but there would be about 3 I'd have right up there, Hurt and A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash and Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2, despite the fact that Bono is a selfrighteous little twerp.
tough one, but for me id have to say killing in the name by rage against the machine, cos it had such a huge influence on me as a young un growing up as an angry disfunctional dillusional youth in a welsh valleys, ijust use to think of the english and it got me juiced up, it still does!!!
Sisters of Mercy - Marian

or by the same group - Alice (currently being used for BBC's Robin Hood trailers).

Rise and reverberate

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