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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by goranski, May 10, 2007.

  1. goranski

    goranski Guest

    the first time I saw rugby was i guess during the mid-90s at a Scottish festival in Oklahoma City, the local club was playing someone, anyway the main thing I remember was a guy hoisting an up and under near the sideline where I was sitting, only to be subsequently taken out late-tackled, don't remember much else must have been more interested in the pork pies, highland games log toss going on next door...

    my first game playing was in 2004 the heart of america tournament in wichita, kansas - me with the columbia outlaws club vs. the university of oklahoma, played at lock, basically scrummed and tried to keep up for most of the game, absolutely dead after the final whistle only to be told to get ready for our second game of the day :D
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  3. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    My First Game of Rugby I got 3 stitches in my right hand when I feel on some flag thing which had a pointy bit at the top.

    Could've scarred me for life, being 5 and all.
  4. melon

    melon Guest

    I was 11 and it was for the school team, but that's all I remember lol

    TRUE LEGND Guest

    My first game of rugby at the age of 5, my dad snuck me in the under 8s and Yes i remember the fat slippery brown leather Adidas balls that when wet would be like catching a slippery soap :D Also playing in bare feet in those frosty morning's toes were frosted numb. Games were like 8am in the morning. Your rugby Jersey would was soo big it looked like a one piece dress, The style of the jerseys made us look like bumble Also remember looking forward to full time, pipping HOT Milo's awaits us at the club room bar 50 little cups steaming away in the cold air...

    Those are my finniest rugby memory's as a kid... GRASS ROOTS YEEHAAA !!
  6. Wellycane

    Wellycane Guest

    My first game of rugby....... :( was a long time after being put in reserve so it wasn't good. I was 10 in my first season not knowing my position :D Coach never actually gave me a chance. :wah: Anyways here I am now big and strong and not playing anymore. hehehe

    TRUE LEGND Guest

    Just like to add a bit more to the memory's...

    Remember chasing the sheep off the field before we played (that was a classic) even getting tackled in and smeared in sheep ****, both sides would stop a crack up at who ever fell in the ****. Also the smell of "Deep heat" walking down the corridor's of the changing room showers the smell of it stinging your eye's... Every time i smell that same smell, even now days i get gut wrenching butterfly's
  8. candybum

    candybum Guest

    my first game was when i was 7th form (yr 13) lol playing in the first xv, i remember spraining my ankle, continued playing, smashing a white guy (they had a overlap and would've scored but my sonny bill'ism stopped that!!) and passing the ball to the fullback (playing wing sux) i got subbed late in the 2nd half then we started losing. H
  9. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    First game I ever watched on TV- Auckland Flour Bomb test back in 81. Got hooked immediately, and the old man took me to the old Boet Erasmus stadion in PE a while later to watch my 1st live game- EP vs WP. Immediately fell in love with the magnificent Mountain Goats, right there and then.

    First game playing- way back in 83, for my primary school, Rowallan Park Primary against our great rivals, Kabga Park primary. Played for the under 6 team, barefoot and all. Don`t remember much more than I was kinda tall for my age, and ended up as a lock in that 1st season, before moving to centre the next. Can`t remember much of the match, not even who won really, just that it was great fun running with the ball.
  10. Wellycane

    Wellycane Guest the way I used to play for Norths, Jerry Collin's long-time club. Yay Yah! Proud and hard out represent.
  11. bobilycious

    bobilycious Guest

    I played my 1st game 2 yrs ago for my school. We played against aranui which was full of fat maoris. We won. They chucked the ball behind them instead of passing. The only thing i cud actually do was run and i ddnt kno the rules.
  12. First match I watched was an East Midlands derby between Northampton and Leicester at Franklins Gardens. We lost, and I'm not even sure there were any tries scored, but the atmosphere had me hooked.

    Playing wise, first match was when I was about 11. This was at the age where you played 12 a side on a smaller pitch rather than 15s. Played for my club's second team, and because I was new and obviously not a prop, I got put on the wing.

    We were expected to get destroyed by the bigger country boys on the other team, but we came away with a 14-14 draw. Best moment was when I sidestepped the biggest player on the pitch to score in the corner. Never lost the buzz when scoirng a try since.
  13. I played it in school once or twice.

    I learned two things :

    * Our PE Teacher was a lot quicker than he let on.

    * Getting hit in the face doesn't hurt that much.

    The first games I ever watched on telly would be the Guscot/Underwoods/Carling era 5 nations.

    First game I ever saw live was a Super 12 game : Reds V Highlanders.

    I did a hopelessly self indulgent article on it a while back :

  14. PeeJay

    PeeJay Guest

    First game I ever saw live was Scarlets v Leinster at the Racecourse in Wrexham, back in 2004, only about a year after I had first gotten into rugby. I guess the first televised match I watched was one of Wales' games at the 2003 World Cup.

    Took me about a year to get to grips with the playing aspect, so I didn't bother training with the school teams until sixth form. Made my playing bow about a week after the first training session, against Adams Grammar School in Newport, Shropshire. My only problem was that I wasn't into the habit of wearing contact lenses at the time, so I spent the whole match as blind as a bat and not really knowing properly what I was supposed to be doing. In many ways, I still don't. Just about getting used to tackling properly, which is a bit embarrassing considering I started playing nearly 3 years ago. Then again, when you start playing at age 16, it's always going to take a little bit more time to get used to than if you started at age 5.
  15. rhys

    rhys Guest

    My first game was the start of last season when they gave me 10 mins on the blind flank. I ran round like a headless chicken and even put in a few tackles (only because they ran at me so I kinda had no choice) Loved every minute
  16. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    My first game was lots of fun, I got stamped on in the tackle and turned at every scrum (it was my first game, bless) but I still had lots of fun!
  17. eoino

    eoino Guest

    First game I played was in, 2002, scored 3 tries (Marian V Conleths our bigest rivals)

    First game I went to was ireland v Fiji (70-13) i think!

    First game on TV I was 5, France vs Australia in a WC!
  18. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    Well i've played on and of for abit now first game was for school we lost by 80 points

    But start of this season is when i actualy have time in my life to keep rugby up.
  19. Beardy

    Beardy Guest

    First match was against the rival school in the next village...

    We were losing 30 odd nil and in the last minute I scored a consolation try from the back of a maul :p
  20. ch1ma

    ch1ma Guest

    hey dudes.

    my first game of rugby was in school in time for the 1999 world cup. unlike most of you it was organised by us students. it was quite a buzz around the school for some reason (lomu haircuts, hakas, etc,). we played on a small pitch, 5 v 5 and it was really quite fun, until you get injured and in trying to retrieve a loose ball, tripped over my friends head. he never played rugby again. :p
  21. Gulli

    Gulli Guest

    first rugby match i ever saw on telly: Lomu gets the ball out on the wing, and then proceeds to literally trample his way over Englands back line, loved it ever since :D

    first match was when i started sixth form, against Warminster 1st XV, played on the smallest rugby pitch known to man, the 22 was only about 15 yards away from the try line! anyway, from the kickoff they secured the ball and shipped it out to their winger, who i promptly flattened, giving myself a dead leg in the process. I also scored our opening try of the match, from halfway, outpaced their winger and then ran over their fullback, will never forget that feeling.

    could hardly walk for the next few days but it was definitely worth it
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