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  1. ok....i had an extensive look at nrl 2 and im still not impressed..sorry to say..its a waste of money and dont say buy it to support the cause...

    the cause of what?...sidhe making nrl 3 exactly the same but with prettier graphics?..f*** off
    im not gonna buy this game...its not worth over 50 dollars until it comes down to like 10 dollars on trademe

    dont say im hating,i appreciate what mario and his team are doing...its awesome for the nz public aswell as the rugby league community to see this taking place but i think thats where it faulters....duz anyone in sidhe kno how a rugby league match actually plays? coz it certainly doesnt look like the games i was playing

    anywho...back on course

    im gonna rate all the footy games since lomu....ive played them all!

    graphics 7/10
    gameplay 7/10
    lastability 7/10 (coz it was the 1st league game on next gen consoles i playd it alot)
    features and stuff 8/10(very indepth in alotta areas)
    overall 7/10 (solid game)

    nrl 2
    graphics 8/10
    gameplay 6/10 (the words "its the f***in same thing with fancy little moves" comes to mind)
    lastability 7/10 (franchise is cool...but cool is like so 90's)
    features 8/10
    overall 6/10 (to me...this game sux..and im dissapointed..this is what nrl 1 shud have been and i kno they worked hard on this game but it doesnt show on this finished copy)

    graphics 6/10
    gameplay 7/10
    lastability 4/10
    features 5/10
    overall 6/10

    rugby 2001
    graphics 7/10
    gameplay 7/10 (this game was very solid..had potential to become better but something happend..and people died)
    lastability 8/10 (it was a very strange game...but i played it alot it had enuff to keep me happy)
    features 7/10
    overall 8/10
    -this was a very good representation of football gaming,solid and smooth game play...the scrums and lineouts needed tweaking and the rucks needed more input..but i reckon if they had kept that whole concept this wudve been a winner....but then.....something happened...and people died...

    r*gby %$#@
    grahics [​IMG] /10
    gameplay . /10
    lastability....ask rassies girlfriend..his erections last longer than playing this game
    feature 1/ featured some form of rugby,which was nice but it also featured in my rubbish bin after i wasted $7 renting it out
    overall 3/100

    to be fair...........nah f*** it..f*** you r*gby @$%^

    rugby 2005
    graphics 8/10 (very nice)
    gameplay 8/10 (very gud multiplayer...the only problems i hav is the player control..sometimes there is none...needs some work here and there but this is what the previous one shud have been)
    lastability 7/10-(im still playin it...on and off..)
    features 8/10 (heaps to do but still very limited interms of fun factor)
    overall 7/10
    ...good game but cudve been better...i mean it took them nearly 5years after ps2 comes out to figure how a rugby game shud play...stupid really

    [​IMG] jonah lomu rugby [​IMG]

    graphics 5/10 (yes graphics are laughable but they are almost as better looking than *ug** 2*^% ones..which was on ps2 hahhahahahaha)
    gameplay 9/10...(BRILLIANT)
    lastability 8/10 ...i played alot of games but ive never played a game for 4years straight...i mean constantly playing..when i get bored of wud be like 2 days and ill have another go plus i had heaps of wannabes in my suburb thinkin they could beat me..and all got fended away and the multiplayer was superb)
    features 7/10 (had many cups to when but limited options to adjust them for your liking)

    in comparison to todays games i wud say 8/10
    but back then it would be 9/10 just for the fantastic gameplay alone

    yup yup!!!...happy new yearz
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  3. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Nice reviews chiro, you're fair with every game.

    For me it'd be like this:


    graphics 4/10 (even for it's time it looked ordinary at best)
    gameplay 6/10 (it was fun, but very unrealistic and no where near as good as people make out)
    lastability 6/10 (only international teams damages it here)
    features 6/10 (I like the classic matches, but theres no much else here...)
    overall 5.5/10 (fun, but wasn't really as good as romantics had made out)

    P.S I played this for the first time in 2003

    EA Rugby (2001):

    graphics 6/10 (pretty poor for PS2)
    gameplay 7/10 (very solid engine that looked to set a great base for future games)
    lastability 6/10 (I personally played this to death, most likely because it was the first rugby game I had played since ET's Rugby League )
    features 6/10 (nothing much really, in fact less than JLR)
    overall 7/10 (solid game, not brilliant, but it thrilled me no end when I first played it).

    EA Rugby 2004:

    graphics 2/10 (it made JLR's graphics look good FFS!)
    gameplay 2/10 (Gameplay? in Rugby 2004??)
    lastability 1/10
    features 4/10 (it had S12 etc, but they were so badly put togeather it's not worth mentioning)
    overall 2/10 (a thoroughly traumatising experience)

    NRL Rugby League:

    graphics 7/10 (only because of the stadiums)
    gameplay 7/10 (despite it's flaws I really enjoyed the gameplay in this game)
    lastability 7/10 (wealth of features and competitions, the PC version esp kept me going for ages)
    features 7/10 (All official teams and competitions, all you could ask for for a first RL effort)
    overall 7/10 (great start for sidhe)

    World Championship Rugby:

    graphics 6/10 (pretty ordinary for XBOX and PS2 really, far too tooney)
    gameplay 6/10 (passing was superb, kicking was superb, player responsiveness was superb (if not a little too smooth), but is heavily let down but lottery line outs, button basher scrums, forwards that run at 2km an hour and the big hit button).
    lastability 6.5/10 (keeps you going for a while with its challenges, but after that it sits in the cupbourd)
    features 7/10 (classic matches and all star mode were good, but there's not an awful lot here)
    overall 6.5/10 (looked to be good at first, but the more you played it, the worse it got)

    EA Rugby 2005:

    graphics 7.5/10 (players looked great, but stadia were still crap)
    gameplay 6.5/10 (fun, but let down by laziness and omissions such as offloads)
    lastability 6.5/10 (Once I won the world cup and S12 I didn't play this much)
    features 6.5/10 (would have got more if it weren't for its **** poor world league and ridiculous Lions tour that didn't let you play as the host nation)
    overall 6.5/10 (fun, but still felt like a game released before actually being completed)

    NRL Rugby League 2

    graphics 8/10 (player likenesses and stadia are all very well done, would get a 9 if they fixed the step animation)
    gameplay 7.5/10 (lots of new innovations that really make the game a great sequel to RL1, but camera angles, player responsiveness and lack of more in game tactics let it down)
    lastability 8/10 (Franchise and online mode will keep me playing this till RL3)
    features 8.5/10 (best features of any other rugby game to date)
    overall 8/10 (I agree it's got issues, but I personally think this is the best rugby game currently out)
  4. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Graphics - 6/10, they aren't great compared to today's standards but there aren't really many graphic related bugs.
    Gameplay - 8/10, it was good, very fun indeed, but lacked a little excitement which I'm sure will be in RC2006.
    Lifespan - 8/10, well it's been around for a while and people are still playing it! It has certainly stood the test of time and it was well worth the price.
    Features - 6/10, sure there weren't many, but in a lot of great games I don't care about features, afterall what is a game with a number of features that just isn't good.
    Overall - 7/10, certainly a great game for it's time and will be talked about for a wile longer, but how much longer will it be played? (Two months?)

    Rugby 2001:
    Graphics - 6/10, they were poor for a PS2, but remember the game was converted from the PS1 at the last minute so it doesn't really matter.
    Gameplay - 7/10, very intuitive and a great rucking system, fends were excellent and control was reasonable.
    Lifespan - 9/10, I rate this highly because it is my favourite game and I have played it since I got it. Many hours at a time were wasted.
    Features - 6/10, sure there were only international tournies, but it doesn't really matter. Good formats and total licence for what was there.
    Overall - 7/10, My favourite rugby game and was a great base for the future, such a pity EA canned CA.

    Rugby 2004:
    Graphics - 4/10, TERRIBLE! Few players were recogniseable and the stadiums were shocking.
    Gameplay - 4/10, It was a step backward from the last game and didn't have the flow of real rugby.
    Lifespan - 3/10, it lasted no more than three weeks in my PS2, now I know where the case is, but the disc - I have no idea.
    Features - 6/10, there were a great number, but they assembled poorly. It seem EA had lost licences between two games as well.
    Overall - 4.5/10, The most disappointing game EVER! From any genre! I'd rather not talk about this no show.

    Rugby 2005:
    Graphics - 8/10, players actually looked like people, sure the stadia hadn't been updated but that isn't really major is it?
    Gameplay - 7/10, fun and more flowing like real rugby, some omissions were annoying but frankly they didn't need to be included considering the huge step up from the last.
    Lifespan - 7/10, I still play it, but 8 months isn't really much when compared to how long I've played '01 for.
    Features - 8/10, more or less the same as the previous but with a better, more understandable set up, a few licencing probs but, hey what does it matter?

    World Championship Rugby:
    Graphics - 6/10, too cartoonish for me, but we were never told this was a simulation.
    Gameplay - 8/10, great, except the sprint metre, it ran out too quickly.
    Lifespan - 6/10, well it really didn't last too long, but it filled in the time.
    Features - 6/10, the same as '01 but without the licences.
    Overall - 6/10, a good game, but not great - hopefully RC2006 will be a big leap forward!

    I haven't done Rugby League games yet, because I haven't had enough time with them yet, might post in the next week.
  5. rl1:
    Graphics: 6/10 - adequate.
    Gameplay: 6/10 - kept it simple, but still very average
    Lifespan: several months
    Features: 7/10 - (see RL2, but minus a franchise that was bs)
    Overall: 6/10 (for time), 4/10 now - graphics and rosters let it down.

    Graphics:9/10 - good graphics, but ive never been one to praise graphics.
    Gameplay: 3/10 - +'ves - idea of passing, offloads. but irritated the **** out of me
    Lifespan:hour. i hired it out, and after a hour i was back onto games i own
    Features:5/10 - customablility is very good. franchise - get over it mate, compare it to a good one like madden, not another **** one like world league!
    Overall: 3/10 - im not going to give a high rating for a game that has zero lifespan and irritates me, no matter how good customablility is or graphics

    Graphics: 2/10 - shocking.
    Gameplay: 4/10 - sketchy play.
    Lifespan: several months
    Features: 5/10. - lots of comps, and set plays (although most wernt that good)
    Overall: 3/10 - the game doesnt irritate me like rl2 does, but its no-where near a good game

    Graphics: 5/10 - adequate, not great
    Gameplay: 5/10 - few things i didnt like, such as the fan kicking
    Lifespan: couple of months. i didnt really get into this game.
    Features: 4/10 - no customability. no subs, or depth. but it did have tours
    Overall: 5/10

    rugby 2001
    Graphics: 8/10 - were quite good.
    Gameplay: 7/10 - was fun to play. bombs, skip passes, cuts etc...
    Lifespan: year and a half - but it didnt have any competiton
    Features: first game to have subs and depth in squad (i think?!?!
    Overall: 7/10 - was fun and would have liked to see where this would have went if ea stuck with those guys.

    rugby 2005
    Graphics: 8/10 - diffrent from rugby 2001 - but worked in the diffrent cut too.
    Gameplay: 7/10 - ive gotten to a stage when i dont care about winning as such, but just setting up awesome trys. but winning still comes way to easy.
    Lifespan: im still playing it
    Features: 8/10 - depth in squads. lots of competetions. subs, lions tour, customability and wl let it down.
    Overall: 8/10.

    Jonah Lomu Rugby
    Graphics: 2/10 - does it look like i care?
    Gameplay: 10/10 - its just plain legendary
    Lifespan: im still playing it.... occasionally (10 yrs!!!)
    Features: 4/10 - all those comps (even if they were made up!) and rage and team lomu etc... classic matches - wasnt too bad i guess
    Overall: 10/10. its just sooooooooooooo much fun to play. if i were to own one rugby game for the rest of my life this would be it. the only negative thing about it that i would really complain about is the fact that its 10yrs old, and not many of the players still play any more.
  6. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    How can we if a lot of us haven't played Madden? Remember this is a RUGBY forum... I played madden, but not long enough to try Franchise, half an hour was long enough to know I hated it.
  7. loratadine

    loratadine Guest


    graphics 4/10 - ps1 - looking back was shocking - but i didnt really notice at time
    gameplay 8/10 - great gameplay with stacks of offloads - quick taps and lineouts and a good rucking system - jlr was ahead of its time.
    lastability 7/10 - although only national teams - the vast array of modes make tha game vastly playable to the early hours of the morn and then some.
    features 7/10 - classic matches offer gamers a good dose of memory lane and theres more than enough modes and teams and of course unlockables to keep you interested.
    overall 6/10 - without doubt a classic of its time - it sent the benchmark for other rugby games but unfortunately none have been able to follow - although romantics do embellish this game slightly and in my opinion offers little now 8 years on.

    total = 32/50

    EA Rugby (2001):

    graphics 4/10 - absolutely shocking - but most games were shocking in 2001 as producers were yet to use the full capabilities of the ps2
    gameplay 4/10 fun - but thats it - the running is one dimensional - the rucking system is the worst ever used, the lineouts are shocking - the only plus was the kicking.
    lastability 4/10 - this game does have a little amount of lastability but not much - they have this stuped percentage thingy - which results in people winning the wc with namibia without too much strugle.
    features 4/10 not good at all - just the run of the mill competitions - its amazing that 4 yrs after jlr rugby games hadnt moved forwards but backwards
    overall 4/10 - this game with the players sprinting like a marathon runner without tyring and the defence following that one player like hes a sheperd herding sheep - just awful!

    total = 20/50

    EA Rugby 2004:

    graphics 5/10 the graphics were mediocre at best but not as attrocious as some other believe - it was not worse than jlr.
    gameplay 5/10 - the ball physice let this down and generally the clunsy controls - on a plus though they did bring the idea of set piece moves from the scrum and line outs. and made it at least workable.
    lastability 5/10 - im sure alot of people played this for more than they let on - although it wasnt the best game it still had alot of potential and the signs were there for a future of bright rugby games - they had more options and competitions and teams than any other rugby game.
    features 5/10 they did have a fair few rugby competitions - but ultimately they were sluggish.
    overall 4/10 - not as bad as people made out - defo the worse game of the last few years but not as bad as r01 - NO WAY

    total = 24/50

    NRL Rugby League:

    graphics 5/10 - i found the graphice a little too artificial
    gameplay 3/10 - i really wasnt fussed on the gameplay - its too riged.
    lastability 6/10 - theres enough options here to keep even non rugby league fans amused for a at least a few nights.
    features 7/10 - stacks of options as said above - and all fully licensed
    overall 6/10 - a descent effort

    total = 28/50

    World Championship Rugby:

    graphics 7/10 - this game was meant to be arcadey and i loved the tonney graphics - great!
    gameplay 6/10 - alot good with this - passing - kicking etc - but the forwards and button bashing let this down
    lastability 7/10 - i was hooked on this game for weeks - full of great customizable leagues and cups - and of course swordfishes trademark unlockables.
    features 7/10 - features were alot better than rugby 04 - and they fully customizable as well
    overall 7/10 - great effort and really fun - especailly on multi - player

    total = 34/50

    EA Rugby 2005:

    graphics 7.5/10 the best graphics for rugby game
    gameplay 7.5/10 the game was quite good both attacking and defending - but the standing first reciever and no offloads cost it.
    lastability 6.5/10 alot of tournaments but lack of flexibility made this game quickly wear out
    features 6/10 - nice effort with wl - but its still crap - there no felxibility here
    overall 7.5/10 felt the most real rugby game to date.

    total = 35/50

    NRL Rugby League 2

    graphics 8/10 graphics were good
    gameplay 2/10 absolutely crap - the control on the player when running is **** - as is defending.
    lastability 6/10 online mode!
    features 6/10 loads of feature to keep most people happy - although if you dig deep enough the feature are loaded with cracks
    overall 6/10 - not the best game by a long shot

    total = 30/50
  8. whos fault is that then?

    even then, you can compare it to fifa, or any other game that has a franchise mode on it.
  9. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    I generally only play rugby related sports games you see... so that's all I can compare them with. I've played PES 5 a bit with a bloke I work with lately and the gameplay is kick arse, but I haven't seen it's franchise. With this in mind RL2's franchise has been more than satisfactory for me.
    Anyway, are you trying to say that it's my own fault I hated Madden? it's boring as f#ck, so I guess it's my mates fault for trying to push the piece of sh#t on me.
  10. the reason why you dont like madden is becasue you dont like american football.

    what im saying, its your fault that you havent found out how good maddens franchise is - or your own misfortune...

    when compared to a REAL franchise, which comes with almost every other ea sports game, it just gets owned. theres not even a comparason. rl2 franchise is a leaflet. madden-styled franchises are a f***ing novel.
  11. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    It's my fault I didn't find out how good the franchise is? After half an hour with the game I wanted to call EA and demand my time back, why on earth would I have bothered with the franchise?

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    Hasn't madden been around for around 15 years now though? And don't the titles generally have budgets of around 10-20 million dollars? They bloody should have the a good franchise by now, they've had 2 and a half decades to work on the stuff!
  12. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    1 and a hald decades... a decade is 10 years. 15 years is 1 and 1/2. And no it hasn't been around for quite that long. Also why did you not go to franchise immediately upon playing it, I did and I haven't looked back!
  13. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Madden has been around since the days of NES as far as I can recall, although it went under a different name...
    As for why I didn't go into franchise, well I wanted to try the gameplay first, and I thought that stunk, so I never bothered [​IMG] .
  14. i dont really see that as a point to argue about. although ea have a advantage of experiacne, its not like anyone else is down on technical resoureses. its not like ea have technology 10yrs ahead of nasa, and everyone else is stoneage.

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    to be honest, if you knew how to do a franchise like sidhe, i dont think it would be much harder to make it decent - if you get what i mean.
  15. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    JLR's graphics on ps1 for that time I thought were fairly good.......I was also playing Superstar Soccer, Madden, and Fifa. The graphics for these games were not too far ahead at all............

    ..........also the muddying of the players jerseys was very cool.........
  16. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Not really, it still takes time and resources... what was the first franchise mode to ever be in Madden like? It's not like sidhe can call up EA and demand they explain how the programmed all their current features into Madden so they could transfer it over to NRL3... I mean it doesn't even seem like EA is willing to let HB look at it FFS! Otherwise we'd have a FIFA or Madden style franchise in Rugby 2005 wouldn't we? I seriously think you're underestemating the difficulty of games developement...
  17. while your sitting over there in the "as long as everything else is average, i can let franchise slide" corner.

    i mean - will all the other crap that went into rl2, they could have sacrificed it to spend time on a average franchise.
  18. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Personally I would prefer it if they spent no time on franchise and tightened up control and added in game tactics like cross kicks etc... The Franchise isn't perfect, but I personally don't give a f#ck if they don't have newspaper clippings etc... it does the job fine for me.
  19. yeah, its a pitty they didnt do either really...
  20. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    My Rugby League ratings:

    Rugby League:
    Graphics - 4/10, **** poor really, stadiums were good but the players were utterly unrecognisable.
    Gameplay - 7/10, they nailed the vital things, but failed to make it perfect; I hated kicking, but loved most of the attaking play.
    Lifespan - 7/10, a good score really, it did it self justice by filling in the time before an update... and knowsley's still playing it.
    Features - 9/10, great! fully licenced and create-a-modes were excellent for a first go.
    Overall - 7/10, excellent for a first go and was incredibly fun for some time, but fell short when it came to graphics.

    Rugby League 2:
    Graphics - 10/10, Weta have done a stunning job, great improvement from the last.
    Gameplay - 7/10, it is good but with a few flaws: the players' are as fluid as a Kong with arthritis and kicking is still terrible, but otherwise I enjoy it.
    Lifespan - 6/10, should fill in the time until the 3rd installment, but may start to annoy people after a while.
    Features - 9/10, fully licenced and has plenty of unlockables, the franchise is great! would have got a 10 if not for the lack-luster create-a-modes.
    Overall - 8/10, a very enjoyable game, but a few nagging details (or lack there of) will have players kicking there controller for more than one 40/20's.
  21. Lemmiwinx

    Lemmiwinx Guest

    My best, and worst footy games of all time.

    Best -
    1. ESPN NFL 2K5 - Addictive as hell, best presentation of any sports sim out there. I know its nfl but its still footy and I for one love it. GO STEELERS!
    2. Rugby 2005 - Best Rugby game so far, great graphics and solid gameplay
    3=. Jonah Lomu & Rugby 2001 - Im not as impressed as everyone else but years ago Jlr was the only game id play. only for the fact it was rugby. Infact until Rugby 2001 came out. I was hooked on that.

    Worst -
    Only comes down to 2. And its hard to decide. NRL 2 or Rugby 2004. I HATE both games. Both were the biggest piles of **** but most of all both a huge dissappointment. Nothig good commes from either stinker. Nrl 2 had ok graphics but who cares how good the players look if you cant see them because they are so small. and as for animation are they taking the **** about weta doing the motion capture. lies lies lies. worst animations ever. as for 04 die die die. nothing good here at all but I did play this longer than nrl 2 so thats why they are even. Probably racked up a good net 5 hours on nrl 2 before trading it in but a whole night was devoted to rugby. but in hope of the game loosening up. but alas bot are dogs balls.

    Does anyone remember world class rugby on the super nes? no one seems to mention it. it was a classic and very playable. it had the cartoony graphics but at the time who cared. It was probably the og console rugby game. Made now that game got some milage.
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