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Zinzan Brooke in serious condition!

Christ, I hope he is okay, I don't know what Will Carling's Rugby Club podcast would be like without his anaylsis!
Good luck to the great man. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Thoughts with the family.
He's a tough bugger! He'll be right in a week or two!

Seriously though, although it said the injury is not life threatening, i hope it doesn't cause any permanent damage like recurring excrutiating migrances etc.
R_a_R speaks the truth!

Will Carling spoke with his wife and apparently the Doctors in Spain are delighted with his progress and he is conscious and cracking jokes with all at bedside.
and no perminant damage, apart from he may loose the ability to smell.

so all looks good for the freak drop goal kicker then aye.
How does he land on his head getting out of a cab????

(maybe he was spear tackled)
i have a funny feeling he had a few to many thirst quenching "beverages"!!

hope he gets better though..
Heard on the news that Zinny`s ok, been released from hospital, no real damage done. Good stuff that he`s ok.

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