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08 Question



I bought 06 and absolutely loved it! The question is.. Is Rugby 08 worth the buy? I haven't heard of any new features that would change the game. Has the gameplay changed any?
To be honest it's not really worth the money because there are so many bugs and the rosters are really messed up. Not unless you download woosah's editor it makes the game alot better cause you can fix the rosters but the bugs can't be fixed.

There are new features like advanced line-outs, new camera angles, new game modes and a few others but overall not very good.
If you get it on the ps2 you need to do a hell of a lot of editing, as i am now doing and it takes hours.
Also, EA seemed to have got less rights to players names so your team, Fiji, only contain the real names of players involved in the English clubs.

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