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2022 Rugby Championship - Round 6) - Australia V New Zealand (24/9/2022)

CLEARLY held up?????? Are you sure though???

Edit: Cmon lads I'll talk to myself if I have to :)

Someone on the referee team said "offside" before that turnover for Australia...
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Aussies handing the All Blacks the championship on a platter.
As it stands now the Boks have to beat Argentina with 45 points to win the RC
I'm just gonna smugly nod about Jordie Barrett at 12. I've been saying it for years and now everyone is singing his praises. This is the way.
These maul tries are a big yawn. I can see it now already. The ABs playing a weird mix of English/Irish rugby at the world cup while France play like All Blacks and win. Allez les bleu! lol
The coach disagrees. That's all that matters.
The coach has won as many Super Rugby ti-tles(word censor) as I have, but has coached more years. :) There is a reason why people don't believe we have the same talent levels that we used to have. No. We don't have the coaching ability we used to have.
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Stop the count !😭
Tells you everything you need to know about SH rugby at the moment that the worst NZ team in the professional era is probably going to win the RC. I'm done with the Bledisloe as well, for god sake somebody just bin it and put it out of its misery. Wallabies are never going to beat the All Blacks consecutively in a season again so what's the point. If it really has to be kept it needs to be made a one-off fixture every couple of years.
Sounds like the Wallabies were more competitive than the highlights suggest, but despite their misfortune at home last weekend and a win over the Boks this was a pretty big under achievement by them for the tournament overall.

I think NZ have improved under Schmidts attack but still think Scotland and Wales have every chance of a win in the EOYTs.

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