24th March 2006

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by mikeeboy, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. mikeeboy

    mikeeboy Guest

    That's the release date Gameplay have specified. Usually fairly reliable with up to date information [​IMG]
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  3. locksley

    locksley Guest

    Yep! That's the release date I have too.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be things going on behind the scenes which are totally out of Swordfish's hands. I believe that Rugby Challenge 2006 IS completed, but can't be released just yet. This is very bad news cos I am itching to play the game again.

    Also, in GAMEStm Magazine here in the UK, it states that it's looking increasingly likely that EA will be buying UBISOFT pretty soon. If this is the case, then I can't see EA wanting to release a rival rugby game when they have their own to rely on.

    I'm seriously worried about this, because I have an awful feeling that Rugby Challenge 2006 won't see the light of day. If that happens then it'll be a travesty of HUGE proportions because it is, without question, the best Rugby game I've played to date.
  4. toup

    toup Guest

    Is that for all versions? Trev mentioned something about the PC version possible sneaking out mid-November even if the other versions are delayed. This does all sound a little ominous... assume Trev can't comment either...
  5. coughas

    coughas Guest

    god this is annoying me so much!!!! how can they not release a game that is clearly an advancement on anything in the genre. if they miss the christmas rush they will kill it for themselves. it is just ridiculous.
    maybe we should find a HES/Ubisoft rep and start trying to get this thing released. I cannot POSSIBLY understand what is holding this game back considering how many games are released each year!!
  6. Darhf

    Darhf Guest

    Amazon.fr Sets the french release date on the 8th of December. They already have the cover with the ubisoft logo [​IMG]

  7. mikeeboy

    mikeeboy Guest

    Yep, PC version same date
  8. mikeeboy

    mikeeboy Guest

    Well if they then own Ubisoft then any sales of RC2006 will be going in to their pot anyway, so I can't see why they wouldn't release it.

    I think EA are aiming for World domination. Not sure what this means for the Games industry. Less games, bigger budgets. More sequels.

    Ubisoft are pretty big too.
  9. cavan

    cavan Guest

    EA have bought out the competition in the past many times. It's just the way it goes. All you fools stop buying FIFA ffs, it's shite.
  10. mikeeboy

    mikeeboy Guest

    This was from September

    CEO: Ubisoft couldn't stop EA takeover
    Stock of French publisher gains after Yves Guillemot says he'd sell for the "right price."
    What do you do when your company has spent months in the takeover crosshairs of acquisition-hungry industry giant Electronic Arts?

    In the case of Yves Guillemot, you shrug it off.

    In a remarkable display of corporate sangfroid this week, the Ubisoft CEO admitted his company would be powerless to stop a hostile EA takeover--but that he wasn't very worried about it. "We are not safe from a hostile action from Electronic Arts, which it would be difficult to block if they make a genuinely interesting offer," Guillemot told the French newspaper Les Echos. "[But] We have a few elements allowing us not to be too nervous."

    Among those protecting factors Guillemot cited was how the Paris-based publisher has "clearly demonstrated its value to industry players"--meaning any takeover bid would not come cheap. "I doubt that our shareholders could be won over by a cut price."

    However, just because Ubisoft won't sell low doesn't mean it won't sell. "If somebody is interested in our competitive advantages and this person is willing to pay for those at their right price, then we will choose what is best for our shareholders and our employees," Guillemot told Les Echos.

    Ubisoft employees who hold stock in the company were surely pleased by the results of Guillemot's comments. Rumors about a possible takeover boosted the company's share price, which rose 1.36 euros ($1.66) to close the day at 42.40 euros ($51.98).
  11. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Next gen console will be here (NZ) around that time, and all my money will be gone on that, so ill have to cross this one off the list for now. Its a damn shame, wouldnt it be funny if ea bought the rights to this game and destroyed it, vanished without a trace, and then wed all be left with EA, EA and EA. Its sort of what they done to espn football , so I wouldnt put it past them.
  12. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    screw this man

    EA are killing rugby in the video game sector

    Hopefully the Head honcho will realise that this swordfish product shites on HB's and ditch that canadian mob.

    This is very concerning................. [​IMG]
  13. <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    Can't say that "funny" is the word I would use...
  14. esoj

    esoj Guest

    I hope ea don't buy out ubisoft and that rc06 does get released as it seems to be a good game. ea would proabbly scrap rc06 as it would clash with its own rugby 2006 why release a game that compete with your own product. hopefully ubisoft don't get bought out and if they swordfish somehow manage to get the rights and find a new publisher
  15. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    I say funny because what else can you do? just laugh, otherwise youll cry, and it wont do you any good, because nothing can stop the EA monster.

    This makes me mad, but I buy EA sports games, and cant wait for madden 360, so I can only blame myself.

    What are the odds of this really happening though? If they owned both, then I think they would release both as its money in their pocket either way.
  16. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    My thoughts exaclty

    EA dont own rugby 2005...or 2006..........they publish, and outsourced their own technology for HB to use...which was crap anyways

    Perhaps this is a ploy (in the smaller scheme of things) to establish a decent Rugby arm within the EA ranks, and scrap HB all together, as I am sure EA are sick of negative feedback of their rugby titles.....

    Either that or they will release both......they want $$$...they want assets.....thats what takeovers are...........unless of course they decide that mass producing another rugby title would just add costs...which would mean, scrap one of them.

    Anyways it will be sour grapes all around......next gen and all, this will be in the background come 2006
  17. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Or they simply delay RC2006, call it Rugby 2006 and put in all the licences that they have paid for. Now wouldn't that be great? Perfect gameplay and licences!
  18. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Joint publishers for this game remember. If they buy out one they can't stop it be released.
  19. ak47

    ak47 Guest


    100%.........unless of course HIP have some deal with UBI, and gave them all responsiblities, and just keep HIP on the cover.

    But I think you onto something
  20. nik

    nik Guest

    HIP may just have licenses of the game and must have handed other responsibility to Ubi
  21. I say we start a signing petition, we send it around this forum, amongst others, and then to Swordfish.

    Asking for clear information upon release date, is there a danger of non release at all, and get it out NOW!

    Basically... [​IMG]
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