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A Few Questions...



Hi I'm new to the forum. RC2006 looks like a brilliant game so I'm defiantely going to get it whenever it is eventually released. I have a few questions, so if anyone lnows the answers - fire away...

1. Will you be able to call for a mark in your 22?
2. Will the referees have different characteristics - like some give more cards etc.?
3. Will there be touch judges?

Thanks for the help in advance!

welcome coco, please introduce yourselfs in the offtopic

coco - cool name
1. I couldn't, nor did I know the controls so that may be a possibility.

2. Not sure.

3. I THINK I saw them.
Cool thanks for the quick replies guys - I really want to play this game, it looks and sounds so brill!

I'll introduce myself in the off-topic section then.

Great touch judges - I love them guys that just run up the sides.

Now odes anyone knoe whether they will ever come onto the pitch to talk with the ref - now that would be sweet!

i seem to remember Trev saying that in the development of WCR there was a bug that if a player broke thru the line and was heading for the try line the the TJ's would run on and attempt to make try saving tackles. Would have liked to have seen it!
Lol, that would have been hilarious. The TJs running on and teaming the breakaway! I would have loved to have seen that, maybe Trev will find a video clip somewhere, I'm sure lots of people would like to see it!

if you've ever played Madden NFL games you'll pretty much have seen this. The Refs get in the way on running plays all the time, they are like extra defenders or blockers sometimes.
No I've never had the chance to play any Madden games. They aren't very popular in the UK. I do enjoy watching the odd bit of NFL on Sky Sports though!


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