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A few questions



Hi guys,

I have just started work on a 'perfect' roster once again, I am just starting with Bath as they are the first club. However I haven't found a way of taking away Borthwicks scrum hat. Is it possible.

Also is it possible to have two types of gloves at the same time, eg the black ones and the orange ones in a roster?

Also finally, I am editing boots of the players but before I do could I have a list of boots in the game.

So on woosaah editor what colour corresponds to a number?

On that note, where any boots ever made from those templates I found?


there is 10 boot styles to choose from 0 - 9 but in woosahs editor it goes from 0 to - 6 the some other numbers like 16 etc, players with 16 etc have the default black boot (same as boot style 0)


Heres the original boot styles

0 = plain black boot
1 = black and white boot
2 = yellow boot (montgomerys boots)
3 = light gray
4 = white
5 = blue
6 = Black Adidas all black boot
7 = Black adidas with yellow tongue
8 = white with blue trim Kooga boot
9 = black with white/red trim Kooga boot
fine, in the next installment ill move it up to 9...



as they have got players assigned to those numbers 2
Im also thinking 6 the all blacks boots are the default boots for the all blacks and the other nz teams, you know how the boots are automatically changed to these boots when you use those teams

maybe also the kooga boots mite have been default for the allstar teams that got cut, just a thought
i have no idea

and if the hurricanes lose this weekend i hope you have a crusaders sig to put under there... you are jumping the gun a little bit
What about changing players faces, this doesn't seem currently to be working, any reasons? Also what about taking away Borthwicks Scrum hat, is that possible?

the headgear is a part of the players head/face and unless you are able to edit the.o mesh files for the individual id say itd be unpossible

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