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A few tips....



Not trying to show off in any way, as sure plenty of you would beat me comfortably already, but just thought I'd share a few things I've learned after a week or so of play. Couldn't think of a better place to post this so started a new thread - hoping others can add hints and tips? Anyway...

* Kicking in open play - a lot of people have said they can't get time to do it. I've found that if when you get the ball at 10, you immediately sprint to the side ever so slightly you get enough time to get a kick away. Which brings me on to...

* Cross kicks! Trouble breaking through goal line defence? Try the tip above combined with an up and under to the corner, sometimes you can score some great tries like this.

* Clever use of the sprint meter - you actually get quite a long sprint with good players - try waiting until just before the tackle line, then pick an angle and sprint for it - players like o'driscoll etc can often break the line and open the game up.

* Rucking. The more I play, the more I have discovered it is logical and not random at all - only go for turnovers when you're there quickly and in numbers, otherwise keep men out for defence.

* Don't overuse the big hit button - it's great if you see a little guy running at your No. 8 but better to stick them down for certain with the normal tackle, especially close to your line.

* Grubbers - I have recently discovered (most of you probably knew already!) that you can change the length of a grubber by holding down the kick button for longer before the second tap - you can put itquite far ahead to give your gas men time to get on to - especially good if you break the line then put it accross for your winger to speed onto.

All I can think of for now, but sure more will come to me later. Basically just thought others could add to it and we can hopefully get some sort of definitive guide going...
Thanks for that toup.

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