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A rant

Penne Rara

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Dec 27, 2016
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Lately, I transferred a fresh RC3 install from one of my old laptops to my new desktop PC. Now I'm trying to rebuild my former squads and download a few creations which, to my eyes, are cream of the crop.

But the fanhub system is deeply flawed.

There is a user, the name of whom I won't disclose, who's been uploading his ENTIRE collection of players to the fanhub. They are all generic, with very little effort and time spent on them, and do not resemble their real counterpart in the slightest. But they have all benefitted from the skewed notation system as you only have to give a new creation 5 stars for it to be part of the top ranking ones.
So I've had to spend hours on end to downvote them, so that in the end only the most deserving would emerge from this ocean of trash. And I'm still not finished.

A few months ago, same thing, but from a different user.

I don't mean to be insulting or disrespectful, but there should be a culture of effort and honesty in the community. Be fair and unbiased, even to yourself, or do not post at all if you judge that one of your creations is not worth it. Or even better than that, share your creations, but only give the best mark to those you feel really derserve it. I know we all see the world from a different perspective, and taste is not absolute. But there is a clear-cut distinction between a work of patience and high fidelity, and something you've spent 2 minutes to create, the most part of which were spent on naming the player and giving him attributes (and often these are not even accurate). Heck, some creators like Colossss or Marius Hattingh, to name just a few, will even push the limits to give us custom faces, hairstyles and tattoos.

I'm not asking everyone to bring the same values and commitment to the table, but at least show some humility and honesty when you rate a creation. That much is not much.

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