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A review by yours truly


Saint N Sinner

Well, where do I start?

First of all, I have been so looking forward to this game, as some of you on the COYSDC
message boards have realissed, lol. And my expectations where high...

..And they where met, sheer Brilliance!

So much of an improvement from 2004. With great gameplay, fantastic graphics,
where can you go wrong?

With many modes to choose from, such as:
World cup
European cup
Lions tour
Super 12

And great training excercises to get you in touch with this...fantastic.
Its nice and easy to understand, even for someone who hasnt got a clue what
rugby is.

With revolutionised kicking, and player creation, EA has taken a
new step in sports entertainment.

Great "crunching" tackles, and "slick" movements provide a great down-to-earth
experience. But every great thing has to have some flaws.

The only things that are slightly negative in my opinion is the "cut and Paste" and "dried up"
commentary, along with the lack of official licenses for european clubs, and leads me to a question
of my own. Why the hell are London Wasps official and not us?

This is not a major problem as the graphics, gameplay, and experience takes rugby to new levels

My rating is 8.9/10

Would of been a ten if there had been online play, and official licenses along with a decent commentator.

My Game of the year 2005.