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Agen v Leinster - Pool 2


An Tarbh

Leinster travel to Agen knowing a win will put them in the driving seat to top the pool and quite possibly secure a home quarter final, which would be played where - nobody is quite sure yet, but given how they messed up 12 months ago to the very weekend against Bourgoin you'd hope they don't be complacent following their bp win last Saturday.

Agen certainly exposed Leinster in the scrum where the loss of Green is huge and the backs didn't sparkle as they have without Contepomi, going in without a kicker as well is a huge concern so an anxious day for Leinster fans this Saturday methinks.
Linstur will win. Last week, Agen had them in the scrum, but apart from that there was no panic in the pack, and they rucked and delivered speedily. Conti's replacement put in some supeur-dupeur knee-level tackles. And you don't need Conti to get that midfield motoring: he's more of a Now-you-see-me, now-you ... wha?

Urinal Man by 5 points. :bad:
The media were really making a mountain out a molehill with BOD throwing up on the pitch, the feckin drink went down the wrong way, that's why he threw up, nothing to do with anything during the week.
Leinster have made 1 change to the match 22 for tomorow's game with Andy Dunne coming onto the bench in place of Kieran Lewis.
Jackman is having a mare, it's no wonder he's been sitting on the bench, considering his talent he really shouldn't have any problems with his throwing but again he's letting us down as he has before.

Unless we can sort out our lineout we're not going to win this one.
Much better in the second half from Leinster and the forwards really stepped up to the mark and all showed by that last try, if ever there were any doubts about the Leinster pack they've proven themselves in the last 2 weeks, still problems at scrum time but everywhere else we're stepping up to the mark, forget about the lineout problems as Jackman isn't first choice, just hope Blaney is alright.
H'ray! Leinster close out a tight game. And they've figured out this drop-goal thing.

Felt sorry for Blaney: he took a sore knock in the first few minutes, and when he got up - CRUNCH! - scrumtime.

Darcy is phenomenal: he's got the stay-on-your-feet strength that Scott Gibbs used to have for Wales, and then some great skill on top of that. BOD is so smart in defence, and showed excellent judgment joining the last maul, as it gave the extra shunt and made it easier for the ball carrier.

Not sure about Whittaker. He's like Stringer and Boss combined, with their strengths and weaknesses. Hadn't seen Dunne before, but he did his job well.

The major fault was that the forwards were turning up too often in the backline - especially first half. But good to see the celebration with the last try - they proved a point to themselves. Good win.
certainly was a tonic alright, you're right about D'Arcy, he had a great game, not surrpised he was missing his kicks considering the amount of hits he was taking.

was just thinking the same thing about Whitaker, too many errors today and if he wasn't a Randwick old boy I don't think he'd be in the team, feel real sorry for Willis after his performances to not even be in the match day squad.

it's a bit worrying though for Leinster to be going into the interpros without Contepomi and Green, not sure how long he'll be out tbh, but Ulster and Munster won't be overly worried about facing us over the Christmas period. I know we've shown plenty of heart in the wins over Agen but that won't be enough in the interpros.
Leinster's driving maul is looking as good as Munster's. The test will come at the lineout. Don't think you have too much to worry about with Ulster.

For the first 25 mins, Whittaker was taking a step every time before passing, like Boss does. Then he made that break for the try - like Boss does - and after that he was spinning the ball off the deck - like Stringer does. Then there were loads of times I thought the ball was out of the ruck, and he was just standing there looking around to see what was on - like Stringer. Urrrgh.

Did you see Dempsey's hit on the Agen forward under the high ball? It looked like he went up to contest, and they just collided. But the slow-mo reverse angle showed Dempsey was just gunning for the guy, didn't even bother to look up for the ball. Seriously dirty play and he should have gone off. But what a difference in his attitude. Two years ago, when he got the ball in attack you expected him to say, Excuse me, but can I just get through here? Since then he's been finishing off some tight, important try chances. And with that attitude, the guy is becoming the kind of winner that opposition fans love to hate. More, please!

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