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Does anybody else here go to AMNRL games? I've been to a few only because this is the only rugby in my area, aside from traveling to a USA game every once in a while. I cheer for Connecticut and New Haven, but mainly New Haven.

Cool league I guess.
Wow...our National Teams Shirts...WOW. So, right...those shirts? Really? I see fat guys at Home Depot wearing similar shirts. Ugggghhhhh.
Outside of that it seems like it could be cool. I think I saw one match on television over a year ago...they played on turf.
No teams in my area...I'm sticking to the Rugby Super League.
This is Rugby League right? Was this the same USA/Tomahawks team that gave Australia a good go a couple years ago?
I've gone to a DC Slayers game before, but they're in the USARL now.

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