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Any chance of Media???



To those lucky one who have the game, any chance of throwing some game media (screenies, movies etc) our way?
There are some around this board, either in sticky's or otherwise. Check it
Yeah I have seen those...I was being greedy and wanting more. I wont have a chance to get this game for a while. I havent had a chance to see RL2 yet (probably a good thing by the sounds of it).
I was contemplating making a video of the mini games, but it would be a camera filming a TV screen...

Might do it anyway. We'll see.
Getting some gameplay footage wouldn't change my decision of whether to buy the game or not, but would be something interesting to watch.
I've made a couple of videos. Reasonably dodgey quality as it is a crappy camera filming a crappy TV but hey. You can see what's going on easily enough. Both a bit over 1MB.

First one...
New Zealand on Tour v Italy. Ball gets passed out to the wing where the NZ winger off loads, does it result in a try? Follow the link below to find out and much much more.

Second one...
New Zealand on Tour v Georgia. Half back passes right to NZ prop, who chips it. Georgian players try to charge it down but fail, prop get's it on the full and scores.

I can do more of this sort of quality if you'd like. If you wouldn't like, I won't.

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