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Any way to edit Crowd sound?



Just wondering does anyone know how to edit crowd sound in Rugby 08 on the PC? Would be great to put in some proper chants.
I think it might be possible. It's possible to change the menu music. You'd probably need to convert the sound file into whatever EA uses.
Well, in other EA games, they use logic. But not EA/HB. They label all the files in some totally random gobbledegook. Like VZ2p or something.
For some of the Audio files there named. All the anthems when opened with BigGUI are in alphabetical order and named.

In fact looking at the file now for chants.big, there seems to be two for Australia at the top, an S*** load of ones named EngGen001 and stuff. Then there is general ones and one each for nz, ireland and south Africa. They are all .asf which is the same as the menu music. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it is possible :)
Only international teams seem to be labeled. Hit me up with an international chant that isn't on the game and i'll try that

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