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Apple boss Steve Jobs takes 'medical leave'

There is no cell phone that can play music the way it should be listened to. It's as easy as that. If you want to experience music fully, you need a good soundsystem so I know where Bullitt comes from with this.
A good friend of my dad's contracted it, and has now been clear for 10 years or so, very unusual though.

Wow thats phenomenal ..I looked it up and the likelyhood of making it past 5 years is only 5 % That mans made of stern stuff
The thing is I'm not so a big music person I agree it's not the best but it suites me + Doodle jump is the best.
Pfft iPhone, I rock a Telecom R100. It can call, text and even take pictures. Folks get pretty jelous when a roll on by with my $50 mobile phone.

I do have an iPod Classic though 80gig, which is good for me and my music, but other than that, I generally don't both with any of the iJunk.

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