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Base Layer



Any of you guys wear this?
If so could you advise me on what to get cos i want to try it.
I'm guessing you mean Base Layer as in what you wear under your jersey? Have you heard of skins? I always wear my skins vest under my jersey and when it's really cold I wear my long sleeve skins top.

Some of my mates have short sleeves which are really good as well. Also, increasing numbers of people are wearing skins shorts underneath too.

I'd strongly suggest skins :)
Never worn it but I can't imagine it doing much for you at all. [/b]
Well your imagination must be ****.

I was a bit of a non-believer...I didn't believe much of the hype about them, but I got them and to my pleasant surprise they were and still are great!
I wear Kooga undershort things, but the tops seem really overpriced to to me. When it's cold I've a surfers' top I wear instead. Pretty much the same material, keeps your muscles warm, and I managed to get it for much cheaper than any of those worn by professional rugby players.
Yeah, I tried a rash vest aswell, but they aren't as good as skins. I admit they are quite expensive, but they certainly do the job.
I wear undershorts, but only cause my balls tend to fall out of normal shorts, especially at rucks.
Of course I do but my balls love to find their way out of them. Very embarrassing especially when playing infront of family and friends
I had a most unpleasant experience of wearing only boxers with shitty league shorts to school football training the other day...You can imagine what was happening as a result of that!
I have two long-sleeved Canterbury Armourfit Cold tops (one black, one red), and one white short-sleeved Hot one. The Cold ones are very good at keeping me warm in the cold, and only set me back about £25 each. The Hot one, however, is bloody boiling in the hot, and doesn't do a great job, but it's OK by itself under an athletics vest or something.
I got the black one and the white one from RugbyStore.co.uk and the red one was from Rugby_Cymru's shop in Cardiff.

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