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Battlefield 2



The lads at work recommended i get it and start to play it currently I am crap at it...

I just wondered if anyone else plays it, and whether they could give me some tips..
I used to play it all the time (I assume your on the PC)

Start off using the Assault model; it's an all rounder and has decent armour), and all I can recommend is practice like buggary.

Other methods of improving your rank are to become the gunner in a helicopter while using the mechanic model (as you'll automatically repair damage the craft picks up), or learn to use a buggy and steal bases regularly on the special forces kit (making use of the sniper/assult weapon and have plenty of sprint ability.)

Otherwise, the only advice I can give is practice like buggery. You'll need it.
I hav his game, its pretty cool, ive only ever played offline though, that was enough for me, I cant imagine how would be online though!
How can you play offline? Its soooo much better online, its quite ristricting online and not that fun. It was my best game for 05 easily. I dont now how good the new battlefield will do but we will see.
I dont hv a high speed connection so i hav no choice. Like i said though, i dont know any better, so its all good.
Used to play quite a bit - got up to about 10,000 odd rank points or so from memory.