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Be A Pro Bug


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Nov 30, 2010
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Not sure if this has been raised before but think I've found a bug on Be A Pro mode and a possible reason why.

I've found that if you start a career in one hemisphere, you can't change clubs to a team in the other (for example, I started in French League 2, tried to move to a Super Rugby team and even after I selected the Hurricanes, I was once again in pre-season for my F2 team). I tried this multiple times and the other way round (Buildcorp NRC to Aviva Prem) and it's always the same.

Maybe its the time-difference in seasons, maybe it's a bug from the old career mode and not being able to select players from different leagues? I don't know :/ Anyone else had this?
I had a similar situation - I started in the Australian league, then signed with Saracens in the English premiership, yet my next match after the 6 nations was back with my original team.

HOWEVER - once the calendar reached September, my player did switch teams - so I think when moving from SH to NH (or vice versa) you just have to wait until the next season starts for that hemisphere.
That makes a lot of sense when you think about it actually :) Good shout
Anyone play be a pro as a #10 ? how do you get 60 Running meters as a new PRO ? it is crazy I hardly get 10m also I cant make line breaks with this slow poke