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Beasty Players



i want to create a team thats full of big players with dreads or just huge players help me find them please like tana umaga
I don't think you can Cov, which is a shame as I was hoping to create Des Tuiavii.
I know they don't fit but I've created loads of players.

Jonah Lomu
Serge Blanco
Francois Pienaar
Joel Stransky
Taine Randell
Keith Wood
Bryan Redpath
Gregor Townsend
What do you mean by find these players, are they hidden? or do you mean create them?
he wants an ugly team....thats what hes trying to say

you can find them in the heineken cup
"If wit was s*** you'd be constipated"

Crap line but fits purrfectly in this case.
Originally posted by Wally@Apr 23 2005, 10:41 AM
Rodney Blake, a.k.a. Rodzilla. QLD Reds.
played against him........daaaaaaamn his got one mean palm
when he played for west harbour juniors he would absolutely destroy teams by himself

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