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    Ronaldo confirms: I want out


    Cristiano Ronaldo has rocked Manchester United by confirming that he does indeed want to quit Old Trafford.

    Signs that Ronaldo was unsettled first emerged earlier this month when he confirmed that he had spoken to one of Real Madrid’s presidential candidates about a move to Spain.

    Since then Ronaldo has infamously clashed with team-mate Wayne Rooney during Portugal’s quarter-final success over England, the 21-year-old seeming to urge referee Horacio Elizondo to red card his club team-mate for his stamp on Ricardo Carvalho.

    Rooney was indeed sent off, and ever since Ronaldo has been roundly booed during the finals.

    The former Sporting Lisbon winger, who only signed a new long-term contract late last year, stated that a decision on his future would be made following the World Cup.

    And after Portugal’s 3-1 third place play-off defeat to Germany, Ronaldo admitted that he wants to quit The Red Devils.

    "I think I should get out of Manchester, the circumstances are not right to keep playing in Manchester," said Ronaldo, who confirmed that a move to La Liga — possibly with Real - is his preferred option.

    "In two or three days I will decide where to go. I always said I wanted to play in Spain.

    "Nobody stood up for me at Manchester, although I did not do anybody any harm."

    The news is sure to be a huge blow to Sir Alex Ferguson, who has nurtured Ronaldo since his £12 million arrival from Portugal in 2003.

    He has already highlighted Ronaldo and Rooney as the future of United, but now it seems he has a real battle on his hands to keep the former.


    That's right, **** off you half baked fag. And take your shitty over rated one trick step over with you.
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  3. lol he's still richer and a better footy player then you or I will ever be.
  4. gjohn85

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    That's gonna be a massive blow to United. Aparently Fergie is after Frankenstein, I mean Rubery (sp?) for £20m.
  5. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Well good luck to the player, he will still get paid at the end of the day where ever he goes, but i think he would be best out of England, because of what happend although i still hold the arguement England didnt play well enough in the tournament to get where they did... We cant keep looking for a skapegoat, if anyone was to blame it was Sven for poor management of our "golden years" Squad
  6. BigTen

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    Does that mean that Rude Van Nistlerooy will stay at Old Trafford?
  7. No.

    I have a decent contact at United... Slur Alex is desperately trying to patch things up with the horse after Ronaldo said he wanted out, but he doesn't want anything to do.
  8. drico

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    The fact is Rooney deserved to be sent off against portugal, for what was a disgusting stamp on RC's balls. It was only right for Ronaldo to ensure that Rooney got sent off for such a viscious attack. I'm not saying I like Ronaldo, but English football fans have to stop looking for scapegoats. Only then will they have any chance of wining the world cup. Decent teams like Brazil and Germany don't make scapegoats out of players, thats why they've won the world cup 5 and 3 times repectively.

    England use scapegoating as an excuse for their **** peformances, whereas good teams don't need to make scapegoats out of players because they are actually good enough to win the world cup
  9. 1) Rooney wasn't sent off for the stamp. The cretin of a referee missed it.

    2) So you're condoning players who get others sent off?

    And I also see that you missed the effergies of Ronaldinho being burned in Brazil after their dismal exit andh is poor performances?
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