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Better Gameplay


Mr. Laxative

I think the gameplay needs a little touch up not much but a little. e.g, ball physics. This comes under the category of gameplay because it affects the game. If u pass the ball to no one it is not gonna go back 40 metres. Also intercepts need to be controlled. They don't look real and really i think a face button should control this like in madden. U don't use face buttons in defence except the x button. Also things like scrums need a touch-up. They r unrealistic when it comes to drive. Maybe another face button move to go for pushover? Give me your ideas. So???
1.Better graphics
2.customisable views
3.A view which toggles in/out - in for forward play (rucks/mauls/scrums/lineouts), out for when the balls with the backs.
4. Much better body physics needed.
5. Side steps, hand offs and shoulder charges need to work a lot better.
6. More control on forward play needed. Without this, it can't ever be a true rugby sim.
7. possibility of offloads
8. Better replays - in R2005 the replays look like their speeded up, even in slow motion otpion.

The good things in current game are :

1. Lineouts
2. Goal kicking
3. Set plays for backs.
4. Game actually plays quite like a real game.
5. It's Rugby !

I do like it, I've clocked up about 25-30 hours of gameplay since I bought it (PC version), lets hope they improve it and bring out a better version next year.
Lineouts and Mauls simply have to be improved and made more realistic and dynamic.
Originally posted by cavan@Apr 20 2005, 11:22 PM
Lineouts and Mauls simply have to be improved and made more realistic and dynamic.
the one thing that JLR still has over everything else is mauls, they could actually move! left, right, up, down.
* pop balls - resulting from a change of focus on animations and instead on more drawn (like hand-drawn) play or even weaker graphics (for gameplay's sake) for split-second passes, tackles, steps and offloads - the last can therefore fall to ground or be knocked on etc therefore curbing their overuse realistically.

* the ability for the ball to shank back infield or pull back in the ingoal etc like a real ball - better physics.

* full control on who plays as a team - Lions tours, in-tournament etc.

* Ten options plus on time limits for game - 4,6,8,10,15,20,25,40 minute halves....more freedom on all options (including camera view - and whether it tracks across thefield or stays fixed or a bit of both).

* player create - can tweak current players, more body types, set exact weight, height, longer name box etc....

* team creation option.

* Franchise - and choice of tournament to do this with - euro, super 12, WL etc....

* substitutions in-game and many at one time if choose.

* The right analogue stick idea is misguided and it should go back to the buttons either on top, or on the face or BOTH.......they should also occur randomly like Maden depending on any given situation......even good AI should occasionally commit to a tackle that they miss on breaks etc.....they only do this on the line - this is stupid.....
button idea....when running with ball in hand you simply hold down L2 to disable kick buttons/make them the special moves.....so triangle, square,x and circle would be the moves....easy. side view - the best view - does not suit the whole right analogue angles idea - which is not conducive to good gameplay.

* all rules correct.

* More tackle animations....ability to change the course of a tackle that is being done...i.e. player falling forward in dive tackle..you come in and smash him up and backwards back over that tackler to prevent try/get turnover etc....
- different tackles too =

x - dive tackle
circle - shoulder/wrap/high tackle
right analogue in direction - power tackle attempt (risky - head high or mistackle)
triangle - ankle tap - separate button for intensive play.

* Five levels of difficulty =

Test (this last level involve teams who can genuinely attack and play intuitive and smart football.....but still miss tackles) - tough as hell.

* buttons for fighting (but can result in sin bin or even red card/suspension)

- punch button (L1 + square)
- shove (L1 + triangle)
- energy bars
- wrestle = analogue sticks in circular motion - dependent on strength of players and size etc.....


* more penalties

* quick line-outs.

if the above became an actuality in rugby 2006 - and it bloody well should - this is NOT hard to achieve after 12 months plus...and a good base in Rugby 2005.....then it would be a keeper - 97%+

what do we all think of situation mode? like in JLR? and i think WCR. like final game in such and such, your 3pts behind, and have a penalty 40m out. take a kick for a draw or go for the try

i liked those. challenge aswell.
I'm new here so hello to everyone. I don't know how many seasons you can play in the world league mode but it seems it's only numbered for 10, I think this should be made unlimited because you just might've created your "dream" team and that's it, ten seasons goodbye!

I think it was mentioned but customizable controlls and more camera angles is a bonus that is currently amiss, also in the "srcimmage" training mode they should give options for defence as well. Line-outs and scrums also need a spot on the training menu. I think you should be able to create your own offensive & defensive setplays as well, allow for more flexibility.

Like sambad said the situation & classic matches in JLR were a nice touch, survival mode too.

Maybe allowing for an adjustable feature I like to call "under-dog gain" especially in 2 player mode so that the player trailing has an edge, this will mean if you are playing a less experienced player the matches can be close scoring etc.
Let's hope that EA read these threads when developing the next version of Rugby - 2006 by the looks of it.

Perhaps if we all e mail EA asking them to have regard to the sentiments expressed in all the threads on this site it may help ? Can't do any harm.
Right, i will gather all relevant ideas, put them in a word doc. and send it. I will ask for a reply or i will keep sending e-mails. One question - what is the e-mail i should send this to? Anyone???
Originally posted by Jacko@Apr 21 2005, 09:34 AM
Right, i will gather all relevant ideas, put them in a word doc. and send it. I will ask for a reply or i will keep sending e-mails. One question - what is the e-mail i should send this to? Anyone???
i dont know, but send it to all the email addreses you find, and send it twice a week, for a month. that way, they would be so sick of your email being in there inbox (aka unread) that they will bother to read it. dam those ea, there as bad as the new pope

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