Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by ak47, May 26, 2005.

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    I'll be honest with you and everyone else.....I'm rethinking getting even BLIC after e***ing Super International Cricket on the snes.....

    it reminds me so much of the JLR gameplay principles etc.....

    isn't it funny how we have to put up with

    "no...manual appeals will be next time.....NO........down the wicket not in game" etc etc.....not enough room to do this...etc......


    total BULLSHIT!!!!

    Super international cricket on the snes has no proper players and average graphics at best and yet it is better than Cricket 2004 and Brian Lara Cricket.....why?

    Why, when it was made in 1994?

    this is why:

    - can charge down the wicket and all around wicket at any time.
    - bowler paces during runup and has to release the ball themsleves or no ball - highly realistic.
    - you can change where the ball is going to pitch throughout your entire runup up until release of the ball
    - all shots differ according to timing etc and there are infinite possibilities according to timing, selection etc......thus fine edges, french cuts etc,,,because not animations but hand drawn instead.....
    - it is so random, constantly changing, and massively enjoyable in terms of gameplay.....
    - has direct hits
    - has overthrows
    - has keeper control
    - has manual appeal....and can overappeal in disatisfaction etc....!! great fun!
    - dive in field looks crap but works well - hard to time perfectly, but quick and easy to do.....can take awesome reflex and running catches etc........
    - fileders will field themselves...but if you take over they run faster, but are harder to control......

    the game is a masterpiece of use and randomness and lastability.....It has given me more enjoyment than the toher cricket games and reminded me that gameplay is the MOST crucial element...I will put up with EA's bullshit no longer.........I will no longer ever purchase another one of their **** games again.......the art of giving buyers the gameplay that is obviously required and morally required - is dead.

    gameplay for cricket games?


    1. SNES - cricket (1994)
    2. BLIC (199-)
    3. Cricket 2002
    4. Cricket 2004

    none others I've played or liked....(cricket 2000 - yuck!!)

    I almost didn't mention 3 and 4!!

    god why don't they make games like they used to and then just add graphics and options??

    f***ING RETARDS!! that's why.

    If I get rich guys, I am going to gbank roll a cricket/rugby/league game (3 in 1)with unbelievable gameplay, handdrawn animation and everything you wish for in any of the three codes...I will do it with out a licence and just make all anmes editable will allbuy it b/c you will know....word of mouth is everything...and we'll bankrupt those rip=off merchants and let them feel the karmatic force.

    and bottom-line we will have out three codes faithfully recreated on latest generation consoles.

    win-win baby!!
  4. Never thought I would say this...........but you're spot on with your assessment of Super Cricket, Los.

    I've been playing it recently via an emulator, and although it is initially difficult to get to grips with (I found it was anyway), perseverance provides the reward of a fantastically controllable game, with much needed diversity.

    I still think the original Brian Lara Cricket on the Mega Drive is a great game, and I have brilliant memories of it, especially in multi-player, however mabye the developers do need to take a look behind them to see how cricket games can be done well.
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