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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by The Kiddie, Jul 15, 2004.


Do you want to select your players and positions for teams?

  1. Yes, sorry to say but EA Rugby had it almost spot on here!

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  2. No, its gimmicky...stick to the game play!

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  3. Don't care, not sure who that Caucau is anyway!

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  1. The Kiddie

    The Kiddie Guest

    About the only good point of EA Rugby 2005 was the ability to slect who was in the team, what position and which country. Now they didnt get it spot on, but the more automomy we have in these areas will enhance the longetivity of the gameplay.

    Imagine pairing up Tana Umanga and Brian O'Driscoll in the centre for the Babarians.... ooops sorry I mean the All Stars! [​IMG]
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