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Bob Skinstad signs for Sharks

Well I can see why not- what with Burger, Spies, Floors, Smith and Van Niekerk the front-runners for the back-row positions, I cannot see a 30-year old who hasn`t played at a decent level for several years featuring in the Bok side.

Bob last played for Richmond in London League One- and anyway, after the most famous knee in SA since, well, knees were made, Bob was never the same player anyway. Can`t really see him even cracking the Sharks` run-on team- AJ Venter is the experienced enforcer, and with promising youngsters like Kankowski and Daniel around, it`ll be a crime for him to get game-time. Maybe he can act as a sort of mentor for the youngsters, as long as he doesn`t teach them how to fark up their kness in a drunken auto-accident, or how to throw away a seriously promising rugby career to pursue real estate success.

I believe that Durban is fast becoming the retirement homes for all ex-Bok has-beens who once featured for Province/Stormers in their more illustrious days- Percy and now Bob. What price Robbie Fleck and Pieter Rossouw come back next year as Sharkies? Only time will tell..........
Yawn, a never was returning to rugby. But on that note Anton Leonard is back with the Bulls, coming out of retirement to help them out because off a loose forward shortage. This is a guy who never got full recognition as a player and should have had more than 2 tests to his name.
Anton Leonard returning is definately a more newsworthy item than Bob trying to tie up his old togs again. But I just can`t really see the loose-forward shortage at the Bulls this season- Dlulane coming back from injury, Wannenburg, Spies, Lobberts, Van Heerden, Derick Kuun- geez, how many do you guys need?

Anyway, I actually agree that the Great Grey One certainly deserved more than just his 2 tests for the Boks- a bit like Wikus Van Heerden, a true competitor who was always underrated in SA and deserved more. Both are not the flashest players around, but more honest grafters you`ll struggle to find.
I don't know when Dlulane will be back form injury, I think it's still going to be a while. Spies is out for 4 months and they are moving Kuun to hooker for some reason. I also think Wannenburg is injured but I may be wrong.
Skinstad hasnt being doing much for a few years, at the very least his body wil be a bit more preserved than all the other 31yr who kept playing in the interim. I think he had a drop goal once so he could be like Dunning didnt he?
Well, he`s been playing centre for Richmond in league 1 of late, don`t reckon he`ll be up to it anyway.

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