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Bobby Flynn


Mr. Laxative

This guy is from Queensland, and this year made the final 12 of Australian Idol. Not normally a viewer of the show, I was directed by a friend to this guy with weird hair and a peculiar voice to match. I was hooked - this guy is amazing. Australia has finally produced something decent AGAIN.

Go to the below site - this is the link to his videos while on the show. But you can easily access the homepage. I recommend you view The Boy Had Trouble - an original. It is superb.

Bobby Flynn

This is an unofficial site and no record deal had been announced yet. Just keep that in mind.
He is amazing. He was the only reason i watched idol, apart from that 16 or 17 year old girl hahahaha but anwyay yeh bobby was awsum!....His best performance ever was "super freak"
lisa mitchell is the most annoying sound in the world. she's just talking into a microphone with music in the background. and holden the stupid muppet, he can remove his perverted rose coloured glasses. the way he looks at her on the show, its far more than father-daughter type relationship.... he constantly ogles her... and she's 16.
plus the whole, i'm small and cute so i'll get away with my half assed performances week in week out.

out with lisa!
If she's out - she can stay at my place.
Mmmmmmm 16... mmmmmm 16... I'm 35! talk to me in a couple of years boys, a couple more years and you'll all understand.

I'm no paedophile or anything, but 16... mmmmm, damn straight.
First name yup, last name nup.

Man, to be 16 again... teenagers today, what a waste.
It's interesting. Some love Bobby, others really hate him! I'm in the former. He is truly a fresh sound to the Australian music industry and will be a big star HERE.

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