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So, what do you think? Bit rushed but I like it:

whos head, where? just looks like he is going to tackle around the ball. [/b]


I think you took it too literally. Its just a catch phrase on a popular online gaming site that someone says when they have killed someone in a satisfying manner in a game. It might be via an actual headshot or it might be via some other grusome way...
I think you brits should just let it go. It was a year ago and it was a second string Springbok team. Yes a good tackle but not remarkable.
yes.. i know the reference to the game. i know exactly what you meant by head shot. i was refering to the tackle, that picture of that tackle anyway. if you were going to do a headshot tackle i would have at least used a picture of someones arm around someones head.

not that i condone that sort of thing

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