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Anyone ever been bullied by anyone? As an Islander bullying is part and parcel of our physical culture. As you grow up the boys older than you in the extended family order you around and sometimes cross the line by making you do things that are just slave driver styles.

When I first went on the streets I got bullied by this guy who was TOUGH as. When he got drunk he was a real violent bugger. We were all scared of him back then.

My first teaching job I was bullied for two years by my principal. On my last day at that school I screamed at her for tem minutes no stop about all my greivances over the 2 and a half years that I was under her. Right in front of ALL the taff at our end of term morning tea. No one stopped me cause they could see all my hurt come out....when I finished she was shaking and white as a leaf.....as merciful as I can be this was one time when I thought "she deserved that."

Bullying comes in all sorts of forms and from sources we least expect. My ex wife used to and still tries (sometimes even now she succeeds) to bully me when she can.

your thoughts?
as me and my mates became older at high school, we kind of felt it our duty to give back all that we got from the older ones when we were younger. Nothing too harsh, just the odd wedgie, wet willie, dunny flush, my favouite - the milk shake or some of you may no it as the guntlet, and we also had a thing were we would see how many truds we could fit into this cleaning cupboard that was like 1m by 1m that stunk of cleaning fumes (i think our record was like 7 or 8) it sounds a little mean but if we didn't do our bit then they wouldn't know to do it when they were older, gotta keep that cycle going
Thats absolutely horrible. You seem like the kind of guy that makes people kill themselves.

Personally, I'm really cool and do cool things like bully people over the internet.
I bullied for most of primary school. I was a fat *******, and I couldn't play football so I was a really easy target for people. I was called all sorts, even the school football coach made fun of me. So, I went up to high school, took up rugby and now I'm laughing. All the guys who picked on me cause I can't play football aren't getting anywhere with football, cause they're not that great whereas I'm getting loads of praise for my rugby recently. I'm also alot stronger then them now and I can beat the crap out of any of them.
i agree with Get Naked. back when i was younger, we feared the older kids at school and kept clear from them but last year at school all the little kids were ripping on us and thats not right so we (as neck explained) bullied them but they kept laughing so we kept bullying. its a vicious cycle
I used to have this Uncle that was always picking on me, and then Once Were Warriors came out. Now I call him "Uncle F**kin' Bully!!!"......errr.....guess you had to be there.
yeah i was bullied alot when i was at primary school, and a bit through high school as well. i had no confidence in anything for along time at primary school. then i took up martial arts when i was form 2 and that gave me confidence. i didnt go to beat anyone up or tell anyone i was doing it for a long time. but i felt alot better about myself about doing something i enjoyed and achieved.

also i knew that if it came to blows with someone i knew i could take care of myself so that gave me some confidence to give back to the bullies and stand up to them. I think i only had one or two fights at school and those guys if i see them i would still say hi see how they are going and stuf, i think its a part of growing up for most people. it made me a better person just by asking for help (parents got me into it for confidence) and if i hadnt have done that i would have had any friends and who knows what would have happened then.

but some bullies to go far and i hate seeing any kind of bully
i bullied kids in primary

twas quite fun!

laughing in front of their faces!! MWHAHAAAAAARGGHHMWHAHAHAAAARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!

na i never bullied anyone...

ive been bullied...but i wouldnt call it bullying...more like..."HEY BLACKSHIT!!! WANNA FIGHT!?!?!"

...."uhhh...yea why not!"....

quite fun indeed
yeah i got bullied in yr 8 by a yr 9'er

then we met in the park @ lunch, and i gobb smacked him - helicopters evreywhere...landed about 6, and the perimeter pulled me away, as i got on top with my knees and was about to begin phase 2 on his head

he apologised for the bullying after school that day, and tried to be my friend :lol:

Was the last biff i ever had.............i'm a lover god dammit!!! :cheers:

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