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This game is now at the top of my most anticipated list - no idea when it wil be released mind. Anyone else looking forward to it?
Isn't that the one the Americans tried to ban without waiting to see what it was actually about?
tell us more about the game or give us a link about the game, never heard of it either
looks like gta without the cars

whats the point in the game? to beat up everyone?

sounds like pus really
Proberbly be another 'build yourself up from a no-one to the big guy' effort.
What? build your self up from a good kid to an asshole you mean, sounds a bit pointless so far.
Whatdo you expect? The only point of any Rockstar game is to cause OTT violence and break laws/rules!
if this is made by rockstar i am 100% getting it


are just the greatest muck around games ever

and the soundtracks rockstar make.......too good

Bully - even though i have never looked at it yet...speaks volumes

what a game this will be - BULLY.................voilence, respect, streetwise tactics, and cool tunes to boot...............sounds like Boyz n da hood.............bring it
GTA is about going from a no body to a big time gangster or mobster or whatever. This is because these things are popular, after movies like scarface etc, so u under stand why they make it, and warriors is based on a movie. But bully? Why would anyone want be a bully just for the sake of it. In gta you hav to fight and kill to defend and expand your empire, so sometime bullying is nessecary, but its for the greater good of money money money, being a bully just for fun, dosent really seem fun. I guess i should wait till i know more before i judge.
Originally posted by CeeJay@Feb 15 2006, 11:08 PM
Why would anyone want be a bully just for the sake of it.
The same reason they do in real life.

Anyway, an oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold CVG article:


"You can't beat a bit of Bully," says Rockstar as it announces the spiritual successor to Skool Daze

Rockstar has announced the first game in development at its new Vancouver studios - and it might not be exactly what you would expect from the masters of mum-shocking violent videogames.
Bully, due for release on PS2 and Xbox this coming October, is a simulation of the trials and tribulations of high school life, complete with mental bullies, vindictive teachers and mini-skirted *****es trained to break your heart with a flick of their hair. Or maybe that was just our school.

Anyway, it all sounds a bit like Skool Daze, that 1985 Speccy classic where you had to nick shields and jump on teachers to rule the school. There's also a film called Bully but we're reliably informed the game is not connected.

The press release heralding Bully's announcement describes the game as "groundbreaking, innovative and original," with "humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling" and a "brutally funny" plot.
It does not mention any of the following Rockstar staples: hip-hop, AK-47s, casual criminal violence, carjacking, lowriders, or carjacking lowriders while indulging in some casual criminal violence with an AK-47. Oh, and some hip-hop in the background.

Instead, you'll find yourself as a "troublesome schoolboy" at Bullworth Academy reform school. Given Rockstar's tradition of free-roaming, open-ended gameplay we expect you'll be able to choose whether you make your school days easy or difficult, with appropriate problems connected to each.

Studying hard to make the grades? You might get picked on by the bullies. Cutting class to concentrate on biology with the girls? The teachers might come down on you like a volume of The Complete Shakespeare.

It's a strange choice for a game setting, but the possibilities are actually pretty intriguing. With any luck there'll be fags behind the bike shed, furtive gropes in the stationary cupboard, rampant note-passing during exams, and no end of fire alarm/hose pipe-related pranks.

"We are really excited about the first ***le to be developed by our Rockstar Vancouver studio," said Sam Houser, Rockstar's president. "We fought hard to keep this ***le under wraps for ages and I am thrilled that we can finally unveil it to people at E3."

We'll bring you the latest on Bully from E3.[/b]
yeah they are still reviewing my contract renewals, as i have asked for premium price to feature in their games now

they make too much money

thus i have taken a stance for a big pay rise

perhaps the next GTA's will have air rifles and spud guns.....pee shooters

thus u have BULLY........a game that doesnt feature any weaponry......they obviously still in arbitration as to whether i am worth renewing
:p :bleh!: :p :bleh!: :p :bleh!: :p
It sounds like Rockstar have been playing Back To School on their Spectrum emulators, anyway, nevermind that...I want a sequel to Red Dead Revolver, bloody loved that game, first game in a loooooooong while that I actually felt like I wanted to play from start to end.
u heard about that saints row game coming out on xbox360? apparently GTA will have nothing on it and they probably won't be able to beat it. but who knows rockstar always come up with something, it sounds f***n awesome tho... but i've read about this bully game in sum magazines, it looks alright.
Originally posted by 187@Feb 16 2006, 04:54 PM
u heard about that saints row game coming out on xbox360? apparently GTA will have nothing on it
well as much as i am awaiting for my pre-ordered 360

i have no confidence in anyone trying to out-slay rockstar

but atleast the rumours are promising, and i will be onboard ready
Saints Row looks f***ing cool. You can create your own main character as well...

Rockstar will probably top this on the PS3, but still... Saints Row looks mint.

Speaking of GTA beaters, have you guys checked out Just Cause. It should be coming out later this year on Xbox. It's no load times, taking place in a small country out somewhere. Go look for it at Gamespot. I can't be arsed.
i heard the next gta and most rockstar games are going to go to xbox 360 b4 ps3, just because its coming out earlier and there will be a bigger base fo the xbox than ps3 when it comes out

thats just what i heard :ph34r:

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