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Hi Everybody

I was just wondering whether anybody else feels we could put the calendar feature on the boards to more use.
My main idea for this was to be able to post International Games of Rugby, maybe whether there is any BIG games on in the Leagues, whether it be Guinness Premiership, Celtic League, Powergen Cup, Super 14, Super League etc...

If you reckon this would be a good idea, then let me know in this thread...

Also is there anything else you would like to be considered??
Great idea getofmeland, also well done on becoming Admin!

Have a Banana on me!

Btw, you could input members Birthdays on there aswell, although it would take some time to out in everyone's Birthdays on there.
Great Idea, I've asked the question before here but ST.H had no idea why I couldn't use the feature myself and that is where the matter stayed. I think it would be great. It also means we wouldn't need to have threads with game fixtures on only the calender., and like you say we can use it for every game fixture of oval shaped goodness!! I say hellyeah!!

Great stuff Getofmeland
Great idea. Two thumbs up:

Also, you can have a banana on me as well... Your choice of what part to eat it off...
thats a great idea..a nice schedule of games for the season posted up!

sounds good
I will have a look into it then... If anyone has any schedules for the seasons in NZ, Australia, and SA that would be much apreciated...

What Leagues Would people like to have on the calendar???
Please give me some suggestions and i will look into doing it

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