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Can you gain BP?


Saint N Sinner

I was wondering if you can gain Bonus points in world league, European cup etc, for scoring 4 or more tries, or losing within 7 points?

Any response would be great cheers.
you gain 1 point each try and tehre is a tourny dat gives you 15 points for win and 1 more point for try too
I meant in points for a match like say 4 points for a win, not points to buy players with
Oo dat i think its 4 and yea 4 more try's 1 more and losing by -7 1 more i think
Can anyone prove this, not that im ungrateful for hurricane guy, but i want to know as in a fact?
How did you find out? have you got the game? I hope not, hats one more enemy to add to my list hehe
o0o thats kool,and the six nations obviously cos they dunt use bp,so is there a bp system on the top 10 or ten nations
OK, thans alot...thats my question answered, im soooooo lucking forward to this baby to get to me.
Its shud be here either tomorow,thursday, or friday.

i was told either thursday or friday, but Amazon have been known to send things early so im hoping it comes tomorow, u?
same,it was idspatched this morning,so im expecting it thursday,but you never know.

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