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Changing Leeds to Harlequins



Is it possible to change Leeds to Harlequins? Aren't their kit already in the game, what about the sound files. We can just replace some of Leeds's players (which are staying with them) with some Harlequins ones.
All we have to do (I think) is just change Leeds name to Harlequins in an xml files(easy enough), then just replace the leeds home and away kits with the harlequins one. But the thing I am not sure on is the sound files. The game will still call the team Leeds?
Im cureently busy, Gunner is doing the kits and ive started on the players, but you can do it if you want instead of me
wicked, if someone could do this, I (and a lot of others) would be very appreciative!

I need to see how well Quins will do before the season (season ticket holder)!

Go Quins!

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