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Chappel Hadlee Series



First game this friday at westpac stadium I am going to this game.

If New Zealand win the series (and that is a big if) and South Africa win their last game against Pakistan then that means that South Africa will be ranked the number 1 team in ODI.


This will be an interesting series anyway, without Ponting and Gilly and New Zealand at full strength these matches are going to be cruital to New Zealands chances in the world cup.
nz squad
Fleming (capt), Vettori, Vincent, Taylor, Styris, McMillan, Oram, McCullum, Franklin, Gillespie, Bond, Patel, Tuffey.

fulton and mason have been left out. looks pretty good otherwise and expect to see tuffey bowl plenty of overs.
brett lee taken to hospital after getthing his sprigs caught in training. getting an xray on knee and foot.

michael clarke still having problems with his hip could also be in doubt
well first game black caps seem to be in control. bowled aus out for 148 with bondy taking a fiver.

currently nz batting 33 runs off 9 overs.
Great stuff by the boys, what a hiding. First time ever any team has beaten Aussie by ten wickets. Bondy got Man of the match. :cheers:
indeed great stuff by the team. it was also australias lowest odi total in 14 years.
excellent, was a good game to be in, especially while we were batting, i am so trashed right now :)

Good to see bondy gettin a 5iver :)he bowled awesome as did all the boys, even tuffy after his dodgy start.

flem and vincent are in good form which is good to see.

pity about oram breaking his finger, looked painful on the big screen, looks doubtful for the world cup now
yeah the injury to oram could be quite bad but maybe he might be right for the last group match or if nz make it beyond the group stage. fingers crossed for him.
Sounded like the Aussies capitulated today. They didn't looked to have batted well (I didn't see their innings so can't comment). But they looked very uncharacteristic today in the field. And they may struggle in the world cup without Lee , and for a couple of games Gilchrist.
Well done to NZ, especially messrs Bond, Fleming and Vincent.

Here`s hoping for a repeat performance in game 2 and/or 3, and then us Saffas will be the kings of the world, in ODI terms at least.

Big thank you also to the Aussie selectors for sticking with Watson, his bowling variety( wides, no-balls, full tosses, long half-volleys, long-hops and all other assorted general pies) bodes well for the World Cup.
well game 2 just started. blacks won the toss and choose to field. fulton has been brought into replace oram who got injured in the last match and the aussies have brought in tait for johnson. wicket has lots of grass and seems to be quite fast which will assist the seamer no doubt. here is the first over with tuffey opening the bowling

0.1 Tuffey to Hayden, 3 wides, way down the leg side to start off with, that was straight out of Harmison's coaching manual

0.1 Tuffey to Hayden, no run, good length delivery on the middle and leg, Hayden goes on the backfoot and turns it to square leg, straight to the fielder

0.2 Tuffey to Hayden, wide, far too down the leg side again, he is getting movement but unable to control it

0.2 Tuffey to Hayden, no run, good length delivery on the leg, Hayden goes on the backfoot and turns it to square leg

0.3 Tuffey to Hayden, wide, now that is way outside the off stump

0.3 Tuffey to Hayden, no run, good length delivery on the stumps, Hayden comes on the frontfoot and plays it back to the bowler

0.4 Tuffey to Hayden, FOUR!!, fullish delivery on the middle and leg, Hayden shuffles across and flicks it to deep mid wicket, in the air but in the gap

0.5 Tuffey to Hayden, no run, good length delivery on the off, Hayden comes on the frontfoot and pushes it to mid off

0.6 Tuffey to Hayden, no run, fuller length delivery on the stumps, Hayden comes on the frontfoot and turns it to square leg

good to see tuffey back in the black caps right :p
indeed. knew it would be a long and hard day for the team after that opening over. ultimately aus were able to pile up a massive score and I don't think the black caps have much hope of getting it
I, for one, am finding that Australia throwing their matches is getting fairly tedious. :suicide2: :nono7py: :%#%#:
and nz win. with eight balls to spare and 5 wickets. outstanding batting performance after a shakey time with the ball. taylor fulton and mcMillian all played very well to get nz home. mcMillian played really well and seems to be justifying his place in the world cup team. hopefully he can produce over in the west indies. the whole top order now seems to be getting some runs at last and not leaving everything to the middle and lower order.
Holy sheeeet!!!, bl**dy brilliant!. Great to see the main two dodgy selections, Macca and Fulton step up. Awesome stuff. :cheers:

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