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Chris Flannery


St Helens RLFC

I know that he's Australian and therefore better than any English player ever ™ but how good is or isn't he as we have signed him until 2010 and I've never heard of him.
very handy footballer. utility player. good speed, tough defender with very good ball skills. his kicking game is highly underated. hes a good allrounder.

he started off as an outside back but ended up moving to the centres and then into the forward pack. played quite afew origin games for QLD as a utility. can play in the centres, the halves, hooker or in the backrow.

i liked him playing at lock. but thats because ive always liked ball playing lock forwards... eg.. Jason Smith, Paul Sculthorpe & Brad Fittler. it just gives your side an extra point of attack.

his only real problem is he really is a utility. in other words hes a jack of all trades but master of none. hes not outstanding in one position.

but a handy buy....

i will always remember him for getting absolutely crunched by SBW in the 2004 GF. search it out on you tube. stunning shot...
lol yeah.. i had to edit it into my post straight after i completed it... it was a good one...
He sounds handy enough then. Likely to spend a lot of his time in the second row.
handy player but nothing too special. will proabbly carve it up in the superleague though.
if you like ball playing forwards..there was none better than david solomona who i still believe has alot more to offer the game...
when i say a 'ball playing forward' i mean someone that you can launch an attack with.

if you compare Jason Smith and David Solomona while solomona is good at creating secondfase play with his offloads he cant run to the line and throw a cut out pass to set up his outsides. hes not an actual playmaker. where as Jason Smith can run a teams attack for a whole game... long and short passing games outstanding...
solomona can certainly attack the line and throw cut out balls..the only thing that stopped him from being a 6 back at richmond rover days was his weight...which is his natural build..and has been 13 till he moved lock at parra...his ball handling and short passing game is among the best in the game..he can certainly "launch an attack with"

1st fase and second fase player he is..and if he is not selected for the kiwi's at next years league world cup then he will be playing 6 for the samoan team....
i heard they already named the samoan team?? players like faafili are apparently in it...
I would love to see a ball handling forward like Solomona at Saints. He's so unpredictable and he takes a lot of pressure of the Bradford backs as well because he can kick.
personally, i've always thought Chris Flannery was kinda average. he played in Qld Origin teams that were not the best teams that have ever been picked, and he has never shined as a player. i dont really see him as a jack of all trades.. he doesnt have the short kicking game that a lot of ball running forwards have, and he doesnt have the physical impact that a good lock should. In my mind.. average.
he almost got cut in half by sonny bill williams..the fact he survived gives him +10 strength on warcraft!
He's just a utility man to be honest, we've had injuries and a retirement this season so we're thin on the ground.
Haven't seen much of Flannery lately but he is a fairly good player. Good signing i think.
solomona has never been a playmaker in the top grades... long passing game?? are you kidding me.... hes an offloading forward at best. he would not be a genuine 5/8 if he played there. hes a similar player along the lines of ali and faumuina.

while hes a very good player... his passing game is never a threat to anyone. i dont know if ive ever seen him cause problems with his actual passing game. its when he creates second phase play with his offloads that he becomes a major headache for defending sides. also his high workrate in defence is a major plus for solomona too.
well you obviously havent seen too many games of him...ofcourse he's a second rower..he hasnt been given a playmaker opportunity and when he does you will see it...and that will hopefully be at next years world cup for samoa...

how can you say his passing game isnt a threat?..its like saying el masri is the worst kicker alive...its stupid..his passing while not as long is still a threat as he commands players to attack him on defence...simple draw and passes..thats not second phase play,it becomes that on the offload from contact

he is one of the most decieving players in the game..and he's proberly decieved you..watch him play more

and just because you are parra fan doesnt mean ****..he is one of the players you guys shouldnt have let go

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