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Chris Rattue



First he rambled on about the French being no threat at all to the AB's and now
What does he really want? What would he have written if the AB's have won, I wonder. Maybe I must invite him to a barbeque to chat about his feelings over a beer or two :bleh!:

What do you guys think?
This guys is NZ's equivalent of Stephen Jones (the UK based journalist).

His article of Welsh rugby a few months ago was downright rude, and didn't do much for the image of NZers a being good people. Which we are!! Honestly!

In the same way as Mr Jones, he likes to create hype by being rude and has very clouded and unique opinions compared to the majority of rugby followers. You should not listen to him unless you are prepared to not take his writing too seriously and are not easily offended.

Although I do agree that the most memorable moment in that game was when Toby Flood pushed Percy into the camera.

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