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CHRISTMAS!!! Whats Every1 Got This Year??



Hello everyone Merry Christmas!!!!!

What has everyone got then??

my main pressie was a wieght bench :p i need to get in shape now if i fancy a career in rugby :D

i managed to get away from family for a few moments lol

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!!

Aaron!! :cheers:
I have got a cheque for some money towards clothes and also a bit of cash to get me saving for my trip to New Zealand...

Got the usual amount of smellies and other crap that you get when you get old, nothing overally exciting...

and also got the munch, which includes 2 yards worth of Jaffa Cakes, Tin of Jelly Babies and massive bar of chocolate...
loads of dvds, clothes, money, book, game of boggle :blink: and I'm just about to finish off a bottle of gin, although that was a present from me via my work vouchers which were a cracking Christmas bonus, but the great thing about christmas drinking is with all the food you eat you don't get much of a hangover, but getting back on topic after that little sideshow, yeah not done too badly and I got a free scratchcard as well, beat that.
Loads of clothes vouchers, an 8 DVD England rugby box set, a British Lions jersey, some books and lots of jumpers.
Smellies, a new MP3 player, a Terry's chocolate orange, England rugby alarm clock, Slipknot Voliminal DVD, 25 quid, and I have more to come to when I go back to Northampton.
i also got......
England rugby dvd, jason leonard autobiography, england rugby trivia book, england and new zealand shirts :) SALE SHIRT!!! :p lots of sweets that have nearly gone lol, lots of money, oh and £20 to spend in the Rugby Store :D various smellys and lots of money :p
dont want to get that old!

Okay, let's see... PES6 (PS2), Singstar Legends (PS2), Buzz! The Sports Quiz (PS2), Tony Hawk's Project 8 (PS2) Kenny: A knight in shining overalls (DVD), Chart Throb (book by Ben Elton), Great Speeches (book), German football jersey (from family friends from Germany), Australia ODI jersey, iPod car charger and FM radio adaptor... I probably got more, but I can't remember right now!!
Epiphone G310 SG, Fender Frontman 15G amp, AC/DC: Maximum Rock 'N Roll, shirts, Billy Madison DVD, The School Of Rock DVD and some money.
Best present - season 2 of House on DVD.

Know what I'm doing with the rest of my holiday.
I got the new Zune MP3 Player, James Bond Box Set, a Rugby ball, nice clothes, books on the catholic faith, nice beer glasses, Arrested Development and My name is Earl dvds and some clothes! I was treated brilliantly. Too bad, I jacked up my back on saturday moving crap for my inlaws. So, today I've emailed my boss telling him I won't be in today, because I've spent most of the holiday on my back and will probably do the same today. Still had a great time, pain and all. In America, you work...all the time.
pencils and sketch book as i am trying to learn how to draw. getting good at it i must say. lots of chocolate and stuff, 100 bucks from parents. world cup cricket book, chris cairns fudge mrmm with cricket bat and ball with cairns on it, dvds, 12th man cd, nothing 2 exciting really
Well i got all the typical girly pressies, perfume, jewelery, money,smellies, a lovely red dress that i dont see me wearing anytime soon.
Best of all was the bouncing sheep, bottle of JD and tumblers, rude balloon shaping kit?? and in one way or another.... i got my white christmas!!......

in a tube... :p
Did rather well myself this year. A shedload of new clothes (useful considering all my old stuff is ruined), some aftershave (Paco Rabanne XS & Ralf Lauren Sport) and finally, a cook book (I think somone is trying to tell me a 23 year old should know how to prepare more then just beans on toast)!
a pair of proper goretex hiking trousers....so I can now hike to the pub in a monsoon and arrive dry and, perhaps more importantly, with a dry wallet.

Good for the rugby too as it's kind of exposed down at Blundellsands.

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