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concern abou the new game



notice in all the screenies the opposition all have 0 scores and the times are quite late in the game. of course, this could be down to easy mode but in general WCR was too damn easy and 0 scorelines of the AI werent uncommon.

Also saw the dreaded 95+ minute counter in one screenie. Hope it's not going to have those ridiculous times because you can endlessly recyle the ball without the other team getting it.
Valid concerns, but only can be really answered by those who have played or developed it.

Tbh, the time would be one of the least of the concerns about the game. I'm sure is well that one of the guys said the AI had improved.
Please don't read too much into the screenshots - they would have been taken under controlled circumstances ie. they would not have been taken during a competitive match.
fair enough
will judge it when i play it. looking forward to it!

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