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Jun 2, 2008
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Hi team,

A quick question.
Today I got contacted by a recruiter working for contract jobs.
Does anybody has any experience with them.

They told me I have an interesting profile (obviously) and they are specialized in getting contractors a job in the UK.

Not really looking atm but ok.

All feedback is welcome.


I got one of these emails a while ago. At first I was unsure, you never really know nowadays do you! But after checking out the website I decided to register and overall i'm pretty pleased! I specialise in IT and Telecoms and was looking for a short term contract at the time. I guess the best thing about it is that its straight forward and they seem to keep all their contract postings up to date! There is nothing worse than applying for a job only to discover its 6 months old! Anyway I thinks its worth signing up and the very least!

Hope this helps

Cheers, uploaded my data.
The only obstacle was the salary expectations.
I have only worked under contracts where you get paid by hour or by week/ month. Now they asked me my desired daily salary.
Took the 2 extremes £100-£1000 :)
I never listen about this site before...
I sure will must be visited there in future...Thanks for sharing this.....

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