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Controller Mapping Guide


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Dec 15, 2022
Have just downloaded Rugby 08 and I'm trying to play with a Xbox 360 controller.

Some of the buttons seem to have been mapped automatically but others haven't. Does anyone have a guide on how buttons can be reconfigured that I could follow?

I've searched a few threads but can't see anything relating to mapping all controls
Which buttons aren't working? I've used 2 different 360 controllers with the unmodded game with no issues other than the right stick is not assigned, so skill moves are done by holding left trigger and pressing a face-button, e.g. handoff is LT+A.
So I've downloaded Xpadder and mapped the controls as follows to my Xbox controller (I found these online so hope they're right)

Kick/Bind/Try/Put In/Dive Tackle = S
Pass Right = D
Pass Left = A
Change player = Shift
Sprint = Space
Start= Esc

Q, E and W are then allocated to the other push buttons for up and under/grubber etc

The problem I have is that some of the buttons are working and others aren't.

For example Start has worked and now takes me to the pause menu (replacing sprint)

But W is still mapped to Button 2 instead of S. Strangely though this is only in game and from the same menu S is now remapped correctly.

Any ideas?

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