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One word describes Counterstrike and explains whi I don't play it; Hax.

Much the same as MOHAA. Which is a pity as that originally was a good game.
i play CS:S. I was actually rather good at it for a stage there but as steam tends to do everynow and then it stuffed up on me and i havnt bothered redownloading it sence. ATM id have to say dont bother playing it if you have COD4. Its just that level above now, however it does make a good change of pase. If you get on a good server i dont have problems with Hax. For the NZers/Aussies play on internode/pubgamer - Always good.
Do u find tho that unless you are playing things like gun game or other mods there is only dust/dust2 and office being played these days? it has been about 3months since my last game but i doubt it would have changed.
There are a fair few servers dedicated to assault and a map rotation of nuke/militia/train.
Haha milita, that map is truly a joke i reakon. It is trying to be as good as it was for 1.6 but its never going to happen. If ya see Jinxed_nz playing then you know its me. I normally use the name POWERade tho lol.
Ahk top stuff...I play as chux.

I don't play militia at all, its crap. I'm more of an assault guy...i relish the chance as a ct to go through the vents and flash and smoke lol

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